How To Choose and Install A Kitchen Worktop?

How to choose and install a kitchen worktop?

The kitchen worktop, an important choice for the kitchen! To develop a new kitchen or revamp its cuisine existing, besides its effect decor in the kitchen and the importance of color, the granite kitchen worktop requires a different resistance. So how to choose the right and ask a worktop in the kitchen by combining impact resistance, heat, ease of maintenance and design?

Ask a work plan for the kitchen

What are the most solid materials for a kitchen worktop?

  • Granite and quartz: A material that provides a high impact resistance and heat pose in the work plan. Easy maintenance (water and soap)
  • Concrete very solid material: However request attention at the corners which can damage it. Easy maintenance (water and soap)
  • Solid wood: Good resistance to impact, abrasion and thermal variations. Asked to choose a hardwood. Easy maintenance (linseed oil)
  • The stone: Marble, limestone and shale: High resistance. Susceptible to scratches (shale) porous stone seeking treatment (limestone and sandstone). easy to clean (soap and water)
  • Glass: Still very strong, sensitive to large shocks. Ideal to lighten the cooking volumes. Precautions angles and fields. Interview some binding if we want to keep nickel.
  • Corian: Excellent resistance. Withstands temperatures up to 180 °. easy maintenance. Care should be taken with dark colors to prevent scratches.
  • The melamine: Less resistance over time. Swelling risk woods near the sink area. easy maintenance.

In the small kitchen, the materials are chosen for their light effect. The gray granite worktop whose brightness completes the red lacquered finish cooking elements, perfectly black hob. The gray (neutral color) enhances the strength of furniture red kitchen. The doors of the wall units, smoked glass, also contribute to the play of light and smooth effect. In this kitchen design, the work plan and the table top white granite are chosen for their light effect and are being value with aluminum that is found in the dominant color kitchen with paint walls, bar stools and accessories.

The synthetic stone worktops

The synthetic stone has strength close to that of granite, in aspects which mimic authentic minerals. The other advantage of choosing a worktop synthetic stone is to benefit from a wide range of most original colors and finishes as each other.

Worktop Corian

Resistant, uniform, aesthetic and non-porous, a work plan Corian presents very valuable properties for the kitchen worktop and sink are placed without mastic seal apparent that, in addition to the aesthetic aspect makes it easy to maintain and to clean.

Corain light plane Worktop

A dynamic work plan to beautify the furniture on which it is installed. A ray of light travels the song of the work plan by creating effects of materials and colors. The light is embedded in the ground, so no joint, which eliminates direct contact and ensures easy maintenance. Low Power Equipped with LED that does not heat and guaranteed 50,000 hours of operation. The device of the integration of the light net is completely sealed.

Ideal for giving life to a kitchen, the bright worktop is custom made ​​in Corian  .A color chart for more than 100 colors for the resin worktop and a range of 5 LED colors allows all style association. It is even possible to equip an RGB controller if one wants to change the color of the light net to suit our moods. View color chart Corian worktops Plain stone.

Worktop in Silestone

Silestone is composed of 94% natural quartz, which gives it an extraordinary hardness and resistance. High resistance to stains and scratches, while little liquid absorbent. This is the only quartz worktop with antibacterial protection. The resistance and flexible qualities of Silestone allow use in large plates and seamless. View color chart of Silestone quartz worktops.

Polished concrete work plan

Will not go back on the trend side of polished concrete in the kitchen! The polished concrete on a work plan is often placed on a particle board but it can also land on a former worktop laminate or tile. The wide range of color pigments added to the blank concrete opens all possibilities to customize its cuisine. The polished concrete work plan comes in three finishes: matte, satin and shiny. The topcoats can impermeability.

Worktop solid wood kitchen

The wooden worktop is manufactured in many types of wood. For the longevity of the work plan it is advisable to choose among these woods: iroko, walnut, elm, teak, avenged, ash, beech, birch, cherry, oak, maple, Zebrano, ipe ovangkol, or sucupira. Wood created a warm atmosphere in the kitchen. Good impact strength in his woods. Maintenance: To maintain its waterproof and feed him twice a year, oil the wood using a special food area oil, flaxseed oil, for example. For exotic woods, oiled with a special oil for the protection of wood found in the V33 brand for example, or from the specialist in boat maintenance.

Glass worktop

The glass has become a trendy material in the kitchen. Very good impact resistance and stain, it is found in a satin finish, glossy or textured. It arises without cutting plate, which eliminates joints and ensures perfect hygiene. Easy care with soap and water. Very bright, glass worktop increasing the volume of printing in the kitchen. The installation of this type of work plan is done exclusively by a professional.