How To Buy A Suitable PABX Telephone System For Your Business Office

Since the advent of PBX system, continuous advancement has been made in the field of business communication, so that organizations can increase their productivity and achieve new heights of success. One such advancement is PABX phone systems, which are highly popular amongst different small business organizations because of its several effective benefits.

How To Buy A Suitable PABX Telephone System For Your Business Office


Seeing the ever-increasing demands of these systems, many manufacturers are creating PABX systems, which are more classy and affordable. Small businesses know it very well that they need to have real and reliable communication with their employees, stakeholders, clients and suppliers in order to grow and create a position for themselves in the market. In the process, they end up making a lot of errors and one of them is to buy and install an expensive phone system.


An efficient PABX System automatically routes both, incoming and outgoing, calls to and fro their corresponding destinations within an organization. It’s capable of handling multiple extension lines as it consists of a server, which controls these lines and directs the calls accordingly. If we talk about its types, IP-PBAX is amongst the most effective ones, since it uses VoIP approach to handle the communication.

In case of traditional PABXs, a company requires two networks for voice and information separately. IP-PBAX doesn’t work like this and uses IP information networks, which not only decreases mesh direction but also lowers the costs. A variety of features are available in IP-PBAXs like soft phones, IP phones, landline phones, recording telephone calls, routing telephone calls, emails, voicemails, etc.

Buying Tips

  • Bonus features- check if you are required to pay extra charges for acquiring bonus features in PABX phone equipment. If you are willing to pay more for the features, then you are welcome to do so, but if you have a tight budget and really need those bonus features, you can look for used PABX systems. They will have all the features you want and you can get one at a reasonable price.
  • Costs and characteristics- you have to consider cost and characteristics and decide between them, before you buy equipment. You can easily find cheap PABXs, but it’s not guaranteed that all the desired features will be there. Similarly, you can find all of your required features in one system, but it might be costly enough to put a dent on your budget. The third option is to purchase a second-hand system with all the vital features.
  • Quality control- new PABX systems assure high quality control as well as expandability. However, you can also find used systems with great degree of quality control and competent communication features.
  • Working- Make sure that there are no defects and malfunctioning in the PABX, which you decided to purchase. In case, of used PABXs, you should check if there are any glitches present in the system and also, if there is a need for repair.
  • Service providers- look for service providers, who deal with both old and new PABX systems. Ask them if they offer hosted services, along with repair and maintenance services. You can also opt for on-site services for PABX systems.

These days, manufacturers are creating special PABX systems for small businesses, which are consistent, cost-effective, robust and highly productive. These systems come with smart queuing facilities, on-hold services like music and messages, etc. You should choose a system after careful planning and consideration, so that suitable equipment can be found for your organization.

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