How New Google Analytics Helps Internet Marketing Companies Better Manage On-Site Optimization

Not only in present times, but change has always been subject to a certain degree of resistance. In fact, experts take it to be an integral component of human survival instinct; not willing to go astray from their comfort zone for the fear of worst. However, more often than not, change proves to be a blessing in disguise; as in the case of latest version of Google Analytics.

Latest version of Google Analytics also had to face the same fate; significant resistance from individual online marketing gurus as well as from formal internet marketing companies. However, there are many interesting and beneficial features hidden under the hood, waiting for people to take a deeper look to realize their charm and charisma in easing out their online marketing concerns; especially the ones concerned with On-Site optimization. Some of them are listed here:

Improved Architecture Optimization

Getting aware of precise visitor flow of a landing page is very important in improving architecture of a page by immediate tweaking based on the patterns of visitor flow considering all variables involved. Advanced features of latest Google Analytics help you segregate page visits based on categories like fresh visits, returning visits, track of referral traffic, and even the track of particular keywords within a custom segment, makes it possible for online marketers to become aware of detailed visitor patterns. This eliminates the pain of setting up goal-funnels and scrupulously tracing the paths of users. Newer version of Google Analytics puts a visual interface to it, so that online marketers can conveniently strive for improved optimization of site architecture.

Improved Mobile Interface

Mobile browsing is becoming more of an inexorable trait of virtual world. If online marketers are not able to track precisely the course of mobile web surfers on a landing page, it means there remains a great deficiency in their PPC marketing campaign; as the percentage of mobile web surfers is increasing with every passing day. Unlike previous version, newer version of Google Analytics does not require setting up complicated custom segments; integrated mobile tracking enables PPC managers to track every movement of mobile surfers of their web pages.

In-Page Analytics – More Real Than Ever

Latest version of Google Analytics also gets In-Page Analytics out of Beta into the real world, enabling web marketers to view different pages in a browser-identical format to observe the flow of traffic on percentage basis. This time, it also allows implementation of advanced segments to collect highly specific data for better molding of their PPC campaigns.

 Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Many aspects of New Google Analytics have been cushioned with visual enhancements to allow less tech-savvy clients feel more capable of seeing the proceedings of their projects in form of graphs and images. This adds greatly to overall customer satisfaction aspect, which has become quite imperative for highly aware and demanding clients of present times.


As with most of other things, going merely for face value never really lets people discover the true potentials hidden within a concept. Same is the case with New Google Analytics; the more you dig into it, the better you feel, especially about On-Site optimization concerns. Try these few aspects of it mentioned above and feel the difference for yourself.