How Lawyers Should Deliver Their Opening Statements?

Lawyers should be able to deliver effective opening statement for trial they have long worked towards. As the jurors start to rivet their eyes on us, it is important for us to deliver compelling messages. We could sense that they start to pay attention to us and it’s time to make an effective first impression. Our opening statement should be able to reflect the reality and it is actually quite easy for people to know whether our arguments are just wishful thinking and not the reality. Lawyers should be able to put their messages to the mind of the jury. It is a bad thing if the jurors are unable to make head or tails of the opening statements.

Lawyers should have enough time to work on their opening statement. The jury should be compelled by the story and not get confused. One important ingredient is proper preparation, so lawyers should know that there’s no way around that. Lawyers should also be able to piece together all the evidences, hints and clues, while working with an expert. With a good opening statement, it should be possible for lawyers to craft and deliver effective opening. There should be a clear roadmap, both for the jurors and the lawyers. Good opening statements should be able to clarify specific details that the jurors need to understand.

Bringing in external expertise is essential for lawyers when crafting an opening statement. Lawyers should be able to uncover transcendent issues that can unite jurors, regardless of their inherent differences. Once important issues have been identified, all facts can be properly organized. Experts should also be able to inform lawyers about their strengths and weaknesses. Lawyers will also know where to start and what’s the final destination. Lawyers should be clear about their cases, before they are able to make the case clear to the jury based on their perspectives.

It is also important for lawyers to act like professional speakers. There are best practices that are employed by persuasive keynote speakers and lawyers can implement those when delivering opening statements. Good skill in speech should be able to raise the overall energy level and the overall commitment to the cause. Good skill will allow lawyers to enhance the impacts of their delivery. They need to exercise their verbal skill, gestures and physical movements. Lawyers don’t have to be dramatic, but they need to achieve powerful results with well-prepared opening statement.

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