Home Office Tech Tips

With more and more people setting up offices at home it is important to know the things you can do to make it more efficient. Home office transformation is a multimillion dollar business with scopes that range from small spaces, single rooms, whole floors and whole houses dedicated to being turned into workspaces. Turning a room into your home office is a lot cheaper than renting a commercial property and if your needs are small, modest or strictly virtual, it is the best value for your money. Working from home offers many benefits that are both fiscal and social. While you may be inclined to take work out of the home, the convenience is not something you should ever overlook. Working from home gives you the ability to relax and recoup exactly when you need it. You will also have the opportunity to be healthier as you can take your time to prepare foods at home instead of purchasing them outside from fast food places.
Another important aspect of the home work space is that you will be able to punctuate your day with rest – this is very important to keeping your mind fresh and keeping you healthy and happy while working. Even more attractive about working from home is the ability to choose hours that directly affect your productivity and that can be flexible to your life schedule. A big part of the reason so many 9 – to – 5ers end up resenting their jobs is that they are all consuming and leave them with little energy or will to conduct life beyond the confines of work. Working from home means you can socialize and spend time with the people most important to you – you r family. Making your home office functional is the best way to get the most out of the space and helps keep you productive. Here are a couple examples of tech solutions to home office problems.
Remote computer support
If you are not a computer programmer or if you just barely know how to send emails and browse the web, chances are very good that you are not able to fix your own computer. While you may be able to call someone in to handle hardware issues, remote computer support helps you solve software problems. You won’t have to fix them on your own or at all, but through the magic of the internet, you can give someone remote access to your laptop or desk top, thus enabling them to make changes on your pc, fix any issues you may be having and offer your post solution support.
External hard drive
Losing information from your computer can be devastating to your business and to you personally. One of the easiest ways to back up your information, even if it is accessed every single day, is through the use of an external hard drive. Often built very tough, they can be plugged in via USB and you can save directly to the esd or make transfers after the fact. Esd’s are extremely lightweight and portable and range in size capacities to suit your needs.