Hiring A Mobile LED Screen For Your Football Match

One of the most popular sports around the world football, or what we call soccer here in the United States, is a great game that many people enjoy. One of the only problems with soccer however, especially if there are a lot of people at a match, is that seeing what’s going on down on the field can sometimes be a little difficult.
Following the ball, knowing which players are jockeying for position and catching the great scores can be a bit tough, especially if you’re at one end of the field and the action is all the way down at the other. If your son or daughter is playing it makes it even more important that you really can see what’s going on.
That’s why if you’re a soccer promoter or the manager of a local or school team, hiring a 46 foot Mobile LED Screen for your next soccer match is a definite necessity.
With a gigantic 46 foot mobile LED screen at your match the fans will be able to see practically any part of the game no matter where they are or where the action is on the field. Goals, takeaways and shots will be bigger than life and easily seen from anywhere in the stadium. Heck, if you’re really trying to increase your fan-base and your revenues you can hire two 46-foot screens and place one at each end of the field!
In the UK they have gigantic mobile LED screens from companies like Sky Fly that make the fans feel like they’re part of the game and everyone is more involved, has more fun and sees all the action. Increasing the amount of people that come to the game is easy if they know they’ll be able to see everything and so you can easily make up the cost of the rental.
So the next time you have a big soccer match, take a leaf out of their book, and why not get everyone in on the action and hire a 46 foot mobile LED screen. The fans will love the view and you’ll love the improved revenue and publicity!