Healthy Mind, Healthy Lifestyle

It is often said that these two go hand in hand, but how exactly do you secure good health? Here are some of our top tips for your heart and mind.

Daily Exercise

Exercise is so important – I know this is nothing you haven’t read a million times before, but that’s because it really works. Even if you exercise whilst watching the television! – Yes you really can do that. It has never been easier or simpler to get your 30 minutes of exercise a day. To get some aerobic exercise you have to work your heart and stamina. Whether that be jogging, swimming, rowing or even a cycling class? You don’t need to be an athlete to task part in these exercises and if you attend a class, you can actually have some fun! Why not ask a friend or work colleague, or even your partner to go with you – going in a pair will make it harder for you to back out when you are feeling nervous or lazy.

Why not try something new on holiday? There are plenty of weekend boot camps which provide an array of fitness exercises so you’ll be able to try before you commit to one type. Recently, me and my partner went on a tennis coaching holiday in Portugal, and it was fantastic! We met loads of other couples doing the same thing, we felt refreshed and energised – and even got the chance to top up our tans too!

A Healthy Diet

That’s it – no more junk food. Just kidding, but perhaps try and cut the fatty food out for a while. There’s no getting around it, lots of fruit, vegetables and fish are a great place to start – certainly no McDonalds. Oh and drink plenty of water! Water is a great fat burner and sometimes our bodies can get confused with hunger pains and dehydration. Why not try drinking a glass of water before your dinner, that way you will eat until you are full, whilst not overeating.


Too much body weight can put your health at serious risk. It’s relatively simple; the amount of calories you consume and the amount of calories you burn off. If those two numbers don’t add up then you are going to put on weight. It is important you continue to eat a healthy diet, which includes plenty of water and exercise too, in order to keep yourself at a healthy weight and BMI level.

Less Stress

Now I know that’s easier said than done, but a lot of peoples excuses for not exercising is that they are too busy or too stressed or don’t have the time to go to the gym. You need to make time, and you don’t need to go to the gym to exercise! You can just go for a jog around the block? Or go to a swimming class? There are plenty of different types of exercise that can be squeezed in a 20 minutes slot. Go for HIIT training – these are

In order to be healthy both body and mind, it is important that we are setting boundaries with our work hours. It is important to not work so hard that you are in fact neglecting yourself, a healthy diet and exercise too. Make sure that you’re getting proper exercise and regular amounts of undisturbed sleep – and that you’re not try to do too much at one time.

Regular Doctors’ Appointments

This point may sound a bit odd, but – by seeing a doctor regularly and them knowing your medical history, they will learn all about your personal risk factors. If you are over 40 years, then perhaps you need to start thinking about regular diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol tests.