A Guide To Creating The Perfect Garden

Landscape gardening is an art, and often, the project involves clearing a piece of land and starting from scratch. For a landscaper, this is the equivalent of a blank canvas on which he can build, and that might include importing soil to create multi levels, or perhaps creating a raised level which will become the terraced area. Of course, you are governed in many ways by size, but with some creativity, you can turn even a tiny garden into something uniquely pleasant.

A Guide To Creating The Perfect Garden


The first thing the landscape contractor would think about is the level of shade and seclusion, which would be provided by trees. Lines of small trees can be pruned to provide pleasant screening that is a welcome change from the traditional timber fencing, and can also be used behind such a fence, to give you an extra layer of green. Often, trees need to be removed, or perhaps replanted in another area of the garden, and this is something best left to a tree surgeon. A person might be looking for palm tree removal in Perth, for example, and with a simple online search, they could soon find the ideal company to carry out the work.

Tree Maintenance

If your trees were already there when you bought the house, then you have little choice but to grab the tree loppers and carry out the required pruning and trimming. However, if you are about to create a garden, then tree maintenance should be considered when choosing the species. Some require almost no care, while others are high maintenance, and if you are not keen on leaf sweeping, you should opt for evergreen species that never shed their leaves. There is a lot to consider when selecting the type of tree, such as growth speed, eventual size and shading requirements, but by talking to a tree surgeon, you will be able to make the right decision and your trees will be a valuable addition to the garden, giving you screening and shading throughout the year.


While we all want our garden to look impressive, it should also be practical, and by creating shaded areas where people can relax and enjoy the natural surroundings, your garden will be a place of tranquillity. Large gardens require pathways and these can be tastefully created using natural stone or perhaps crazy paving, with brick edgings and perhaps timber railings.

The Budget

This will determine what you can and cannot do, and once you have a figure in mind, the design can begin. A good landscape gardener would do his best to work to the client’s budget, and with some careful recycling, most projects can be completed within budget.

There are no hard and fast rules about garden design, and by talking to a landscaper, you will be able to make an informed decision about, not only the layout, but the materials used. Online solutions should put you in touch with a local expert who can help transform your vision into reality.