Get To Know The Best Merkur Safety Razor

The name that has its own reputation in the safety razors industry is Merkur. They are in here for 70 years, and offer products that meet the need of getting a close shave, as desires by many men. A safe and smooth shave is assured by Merkur razors. They are perfect for all faces, and beards too. If you are looking for the quality wet shaves, then the Merkur razors are the best. If you want the best merkur safety razor, you can find a variety of them. But isn’t it essential to get to know what makes them the best?

Get To Know The Best Merkur Safety Razor

Features of the Best Merkur Safety Razor

The length of the handle of these razors is generally 3.75 inches or 3 inches. The Classic model has the 3 inches. You need to select the razor based on the requirement. The handle thickness of these razors is of 2 types. The regular handles are called classic, and the heavier and thicker handles are called classic heavy duty. They are made of 2 or 3 pieces. The razor of 2 piece construction is heavier compared to that of the 3 piece construction. The comb bar of the Merkur razor lets you to grip the razor while shaving, which means that you have a firm grip. When doing a milder shave, the smooth bar is helpful. The adjustable safety razor design lets the safety bar, and the razor adjusted easily.

The Models:

When you want to get the best merkur safety razor, getting to know a few models is very essential. The feather all stainless steel double edge shaving razor has the right craftsmanship, and has a high quality precision. This is why this is the very popular model when compared to the rest. This is the highest quality, sharpest shaving razor, and is perfect for men of all types of faces and beards. The exceptional functionality of the blade makes it a great choice.

Next comes the seki edge feather all stainless steel double edge safety razor. This is again known for the great craftsmanship, and has a wonderful and trendy look. The weight of the razor is focused on the head and not on the handle. This design is great, and you can see the same making it possible to have a clean shave. The handle is designed to ensure that the razor does not slip off while using the razor.

Merkur model 38 HD classic Barber Pole long safety razor, has the classic barber pole length. The teeth have a good amount of contact with the skin, which means a perfect shave is assured. This is comfortable to use. You can avoid cuts if you can have a proper balance with the razor, and this is provided by this razor. The razor is very cheap compared to the rest.

Another best merkur safety razor is merkur heavy duty double edge straight cut razor. This razor has a thick handle, and you can also replace the blades if you want. You also get a golden finish in this model. With too many options you can pick the apt one you are comfortable with.