Game Boy Now Come To Smartphone

A lot of new games released each year by professional or amateur companies. The result differs on each of them, some selling well and some going down. But these new games cannot replace the old feel of nostalgia. In certain point of your life, the urge of playing old video games will appear in gamers thought. The reminiscence feelings of the past where you absorbed by 16 bit color retro games suddenly pop up out of nowhere.

Hyperkin, one of the popular hardware developers, wants to bring up the good old days memories. I’m sure that most of the gamers know the legendary consoles such as game boy and game boy color. Hyperkin created an additional hardware for smartphone called smart boy that allow those classic game to be played directly on a smartphone.

The smart boy device is covering half of the Android phone from bottom. That’s the place where tactile buttons and d-pad were added. It has the similar feeling and look as the golden big grey brick (game boy). On the other hand, the top half of the smartphone functions as the monitor to display the game. Furthermore, the cartridge slot is planted in the back. Hyperkin states that this device is able to play any game from both NTSC and PAL regions. Double micro-sd slots are also planted as a storage system for the game itself.

Unfortunately, from now, Hyperkin releases the product as a developer kid. It means that this product needs to be perfected before make the first appearance as a retail product. The device comes up with the open source serial app and firmware hoping that some people or company helps them to improve the device and sell it faster than the planned D-day. The estimated date is on 1st December for $59.99. But if the final product can be created before it, the date should come earlier as well.

Hyperkin states nothing regarding the iPhones version. Until now, they only released statement about smart boy on Android devices. However, considering the huge base of iPhone users, they may release the iOS version shortly later.

Playing the good retro games is not impossible anymore. Most of the gamers start their venture with Nintendo consoles. Game boy and game boy color are the front runners. But the unfortunate things can always happen. Some of the gamers have their game boy console broken, misplaced, or pile up in the garage. It’s good news for them since they can play the game again as long as they keep the cartridges well. As you know that, Nintendo cartridges are very strong built. I’m sure they can survive until now and work perfectly fine with the smart boy. You know the old saying right? Nintendo cartridges are as hard as nokia 3310. Don’t worry if you are unable to find any cartridges yet, the virtual version of cartridges will be released too. You just need to download and keep it in your phone.