Fundamental Concepts For Running A Successful B2B SEO Campaign

Those who do not know about SEO regard it as a set of activities that are composed of shortcuts to success. However, the fact of the matter is quite contrary. Search engine optimization if done right requires time, resources and a proper strategy. The need for SEO done right, increases more if the audience of the business is other businesses (B2B).

For a business that has no such idea about B2B SEO, a good internet marketing agency can help the business in devising the right strategy for SEO and target the bb market effectively. However, if the business wishes to do bb SEO on its own, then it needs to know about some of the fundamental concept of bb SEO along with their importance in outcomes.

Some basic concepts pertaining to bb SEO are discussed below:

1. Optimization of Conversion Rate:

The optimization of conversion rate is an SEO tactic concerned with creation of facets of a website in order to increase the chances of visitors completing the desired tasks like submissions of forms, subscribing to news letter etc.

Importance- Conversion rate optimization is important as one of the major objectives of bb SEO is to increase the number of leads and sales, which can be achieved  if the website is optimized by keeping conversion as a goal in mind.

2. Lead Management:

In simple terms, lead management is a process of increasing the demand of the business by continuously moving the potential prospects further down in their purchase funnel. The major steps in the lead management process are:

  1. The first step is of capturing the lead it happens when a visitor downloads a whitepaper or fills any form.
  2. The second step is of lead scoring, where every lead is provided scores and according targeting channel is assigned
  3. Lead routing is the third step where the SEO team makes sure that the sales team is following up with the leads

Importance- The understanding of leads management process is essential for a bb SEO campaign as effective leads management leads to better strategy and tactics development. Moreover, it helps the business understand the diversity among the leads and enables a business to increase leads.

3. Leads Nurturing:

Every customer landing on a website does not convert into a lead. Thus such customers are moved to the lead nurturing department. Where are the sales team works on developing  relationship with the customers, and helps them trust them so that they could be considered for leads generation once again.

4. Content Curation:

Creation of fresh and new content is perhaps the best strategy when it comes to bb SEO campaign. As long as the target businesses are provided with relevant and quality information relating to the industry on the website of business, there are greater chances of the target businesses becoming regular audience of the website, hence chances of greater sales and leads.

Importance- Content curation in a bb SEO strategy helps the marketers to develop unique content that attracts the attention of the audience. Moreover, content curation entails adjustment of keywords in the content, which leads to higher visibility in search engines.

5. Converged Media:

The latest concept applied and understood by every small business SEO services provider. Converged media entails the utilization of 2 or more than 2 mediums for the purpose of increasing the reach of the business to the target audience. The converged media consists of three types of media platforms

  • Paid media; which includes platforms like Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter
  • Owned media; includes the platforms such as business blog and website
  • Earned media, consists of platforms sponsored by others like organic review and social media mentions of brand

Importance- The understanding of converged media is important for a bb SEO campaign, as it provides the marketers with other option through which they can increase the productivity of the campaign.


In a nutshell, bb SEO campaign comes with greater responsibility on part of the online marketers. Moreover, if the business is running the bb SEO campaign itself, then it needs to have thorough understanding of the abovementioned concepts to run a successful campaign.

ol;mso-5?-oH?????: Symbol’>·         The top qualifier can be considered the one that offers the most conversions and the affect of whose conversions can be seen in improvement of sales

  • More contribution a Qualifier makes to the percentage volume of sales, greater chance of it being the top Qualifier
  • Besides top qualifier there could be top performer words as well, which would be the ones that have low conversion rate but a greater contribution to sales

The results of an SQR would all be related to the qualifier words only, which would give almost 20-25% of the total sales, whereas the major part of the sales would still depend upon branded keywords and terms that have no qualifiers.

Qualifier Report Generation:

Like for link building a business uses SEO link building services, similarly in PPC a business can hire a professional PPC provider to find out the top Qualifier. However, if a business still wishes to find out the top qualifier itself, then the following steps need to  be followed:

  • Run a Search Query report
  • Next a tab should be added in the report
  • From the list shortlist only top 10 qualifiers
  • In the sheet apply formulas that give the sum of Conv. Column
  • Sum up the conversion column
  • In another column, the sales percentage should be calculated. The sales calculation should be done by dividing the total sales over sales by the top qualifier
  • The qualifier that has most contribution in sales is your top qualifier


In short, by finding out the top Qualifier, a PPC manager can manage a campaign in a better way so that the business receives the maximum relevant traffic that consequently lead to greater results in terms of leads and sales.