Finding the Right Property in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is a great place to visit but an even better place to live. Filled with activities that are perfect for both adults and kids, it’s the type of city that really makes you feel like coming home. You’ll love winter activities like skiing and snowboarding just as much as you love hiking and fishing in the summer. While some prefer living in the downtown area, others like the idea of living further away from downtown near the outskirts of the city. Finding the perfect Jackson Hole property requires picking the type of home that you want as well as choosing a location.

Location is Key

Though some think of Jackson Hole as one big city, it actually features a number of neighborhoods within its limits. You need to think about what you want and pick a neighborhood that gives you everything you want. Cottonwood Park is one neighborhood that many families love because it is close to amenities like parks and shops within walking distance. If you want to live close to a country club or another type of recreation club, you should look at homes for sale in 3 Creek Ranch or Shooting Star. The quietest neighborhoods are on the outskirts of town.

Finding the Right Property in Jackson Hole

Work With Your Budget

As Jackson Hole becomes more popular with retired people and those with small children, the housing prices rise. Before starting your search, give some thought to how much money you want to spend. Taking a look at the prices that homes recently sold for and looking at homes currently on the market will give you an idea of what houses go for and how much you need to spend to get your dream home. Hoback Junction is one of the more affordable neighborhoods in Jackson Hole right now. It offers homes for sale that fit a number of different budgets.


This is the way to go if you find the perfect property and are looking to customize your home for your needs. This ensures you get what you want in your dream home without having to purchase the things you don’t need or want in something pre-built.

Home Designs

Some people assume that homes in Jackson Hole has a more traditional look or that the homes are all older though the city itself is pretty old, the homes in the city range from contemporary condos to vintage charmers. Many of the subdivisions in Jackson Hole offer more modern homes that appeal to those who want or need conveniences like updated kitchens and good curb appeal. Homes near the Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club come with amazing views that you won’t find anywhere else. The city even has modern condos for sale downtown.

Finding the Right Property in Jackson Hole

Convenient Access to Shopping and Restaurants

If you want convenient access to shops and restaurants, you should focus your search to homes for sale in downtown Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole Town Square is home to a number of independent boutiques and fun shops that sell products you won’t find anywhere else in the state. You can look for furniture and decorations at Fighting Bear Antiques before picking up some chocolates at Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company. Some of the condos downtown are perfect for young couples just starting out, but other larger homes are best for growing families.

As you look for a new home in Jackson Hole, you also need to look at the amount of space that you need. Though homes with a smaller number of bedrooms are usually more affordable, you can save money on a fixer upper that needs a little bit of work. Homes on the outskirts of town often offer more interior space, and these homes come with more land usually. You’ll love watching your kids run around and play. Checking out the houses currently for sale is the best way to see what is out there and which homes are right for you.

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