Few Beneficial Features Of Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment, EIA, is a method to search for solutions to minimize the effect of environment pollution during the projects undertaken for environmental, social and economic development. Its sole aim is to portray both beneficial and adverse influence of the project if undertaken.

It is a way to signify global effects arising due to development proposals in a systematic way. All the projects, which need EIA, are listed in Environment Conservation Act. Mostly, it has to be done where new structures are built.

Few Beneficial Features Of Environmental Impact Assessment

Here are few Activities, which need EIA procedure to be done before Finalising:

  • Grazing land to be converted for agricultural or to build factories.
  • Land, which has not been cultivated for many years to be used for other purposes.
  • The land intended for nature conservation needed for industrial development.
  • Farms used for breeding domestic cattle to be used for commercial purposes.
  • Reclaiming lands, which are already pronounced as wet waters or below high level of water? Even building harbour in coastal waters has to undergo EIA.
  • Developing roads and airports for public transportation on open lands and in sensitive places. Constructing sewages in the cities need to do this survey.
  • Mounting any kind of communication implements, like satellite dishes or cable way.
  • While building racetracks for fast vehicles
  • While undertaking projects for building cannels and reservoir for water. Even while putting up pipelines to reach cities and agricultural lands from riverbeds.

Features of EIA:

  • It predicts the impact prior to the functioning of the projects.
  • It helps in decision making, thus you can achieve economic progress without harming the surroundings.
  • Qualified expert persons do it, thus every detail is equally verified before submitting the reports to the department of environmental affairs.

As it is a global concern, till date hundreds of countries have followed the procedure of EIA. It is mainly devised to prevent the negative impact on the environment. It is quite useful when there are bigger projects to be designed and processed. It helps to even determine the cost analysis of the major activities needed for the development.

Following Actions are taken to Produce Proper EIA Results:

First detail verification is done of the assessment. Whether the project needs partial or complete EIA process is determined. Sometimes, even alternative options are suggested to protect the surrounding biological system. Officials take care, if the plans suggested are implanted for the goodness of public and environment. They provide various alternatives to every problem considering the environment.

Environment management plan is undertaken to avoid drastic change in biodiversity. Reviews are based on public references and detail verification of the place where the project is planned to be implanted. The technical officer duty is to produce EIA reports and monitor the forward plans. Both science and technology knowledge is used to detect the impact of projects on its surroundings.

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