FEILUN FX133 Mini New Micro RC Quadcopter Is Faultless For Indoor Flying

Feilun as a novel brand for us in RC quadcopter has released a Feilun FX133 rc quadcopter, which is a flawless drone for novices, though it is a mini rc drone, it still has numerous useful functions, we trust you will be in to this mini rc drone.

The FEILUN FX133 Mini is a novel tiny pint-size quadcopter from FEILUN as well as we’re back to origins with just your straightforward flip mode, one key return,  headless, and some sort of auto land feature.

These days there appears to be a hundred quadcopters a month approaching out and they all have stuffs like height hold, crazy cameras, as well as additional features that are nice but can occasionally be too much. The FX133 is a gasp of fresh air with its basic features and indoor flying abilities.

FEILUN FX133 Mini New Micro RC Quadcopter Is Faultless For Indoor Flying

Design wise the FEILUN FX133 fairly small at about 3 inches plus weighing in at 50g, it derives in orange otherwise green, comprises prop guards, a built in 100mAh battery, as well as a power switch. It has 4 LED lights for improved and clearer showing; it supports 3D flip plus roll function, gorgeous headless mode, as well as auto landing. It also offers protections against over current, low voltage, as well as short circuit. Consequently, it offers you an easy plus safer flight.

The RC Quadcopter moreover features a small piece of PCB stabbing out of the back which is wherever you link the charger for charging the battery.

It’s to be anticipated and makes stuffs easier while you’re a novice but the lack of a detachable battery does bound you since you will have to wait for the battery toward charge in between 4 minute flights.

The receiver for this quadcopter is pretty decent watching with all the switches labeled nicely and it moreover comes with flat topped regulator sticks that will create anybody used to playing a game console sense right at home.

They remark that it has a “One key Landing” style and while usually you see this on somewhat with altitude hold my finest guess is that on this quadcopter it would just slowly lower your throttle to slowly bring the Feilun FX133 down.

Flip mode is one aspect that you’ll be tough pressed NOT to discover on a quadcopter these days and permits you to flip in any course with the push of a switch and a control stick.

Headless mode is a valuable tool for novices learning to manage control since it will move whichever course you want irrespective of orientation however it is something you don’t want to depend on using since it actually limits your flights.

While this is typically an indoor flyer I anticipate that it will do okay outside in nicer weather by low winds.

Final Thoughts

General the FX 133 from FEILUN appears to be a decent quadcopter plus if you’re in the north hemisphere will be great for hovering indoors through the impending cold that is winter. Nice trivial size with safe propellers and appearances like it’ll be tons of fun.