Fashion and Decor Advice for the New Home Owner

If you really take a closer look at fashion and home decor, the two have a lot in common. Most women want to have an effortlessly chic wardrobe as well as an effortlessly stunning home. While it is possible to achieve both, it’s best to become intentional with your approach. Consider these four tips as you cultivate your fashion and decor strategy as a new homeowner.

It Doesn’t Have to be Expensive to Look Beautiful

Depending on your budget, it’s possible to build a beautiful wardrobe and create a stunning home at the same time. However, you’ll need to be realistic about your budget. Know that you truly have as expendable income. Plus, it’s always best to remember that it doesn’t have to be expensive to look amazing. You can find tons of designer pieces at various consignment and thrift shops for a fraction of the original price. Visit a really great furniture store to find out the types of sales and discounts they offer. You never know what you can score when you come with cash to put up a great offer.

Build on Neutrals

Always make sure you build your look with neutrals first. A pair of orange pants or an orange couch will stand out as a statement piece. This limits the versatility you can enjoy. With your wardrobe, start with neutral pieces like dark denim jeans, white button-up shirts and black turtlenecks. Then, you can layer on accessories like an orange statement necklace or a pair of emerald earrings. Purchase your larger pieces of furniture in colors like black, gray and brown. Then, add pillows that are pretty colors like magenta or coral.

Incorporate a Variety of Price Points

If everything you purchase comes from the discount store, your home will reflect that. Instead, find a few pieces you can invest it. Mix and match. This way, no one will really be able to tell. Purchase a few classic pairs of jeans and a great pair of expensive pumps. You can mix and match the look with inexpensive blouses and jewelry. However, when you wear it right, no one will be able to tell anything is inexpensive about your look.

Consider Classic Items

There are certain items that will never go out of style. A vintage Persian rug will always be a classic item to invest in. The same concept applies to a great pair of black leather heels. Invest in classic items that will last a long time. They will serve you well in the long run.

As you build your look, have fun with the process. Don’t rush things. When you take your time, you’ll be able to build a look that’s authentic to your personality and style.