Facts To Consider When Undertaking A garage Door Installation

A garage is often seen as an essential addition to your home.  This is despite the fact that many people do not even use the garage to house their vehicle!

If you do have a garage then you will need to have a garage door; this should be maintained properly to ensure it lasts for many years.  However, at some point the door may need replacing.  Alternatively it is possible that you have just added a garage to your home and are looking to undertake your first garage door installation.

There are two options to consider when doing a garage door installation:

  1. The professionals.

You can choose to use a firm which is experienced in garage door installation.  If you live in the Toronto area it is worth contacting Smart Care Garage Doors to discuss your needs.

  1. Do It Yourself

The second option is to undertake the garage door installation yourself.  This can seem like a daunting task and is, in reality, not for someone with very limited DIY skills.  This should not stop you from considering taking on the challenge, but, if you do, it is important to consider the following facts.  It will help your garage door installation to go smoothly.


Before you can start a garage door installation it is important to verify that you have all the necessary parts.  Assuming you have purchased your door new you will have a parts list included in the packaging.  If you do not have all the listed parts you will need to contact your supplier and obtain the missing pieces.


Alongside the parts list you should also find a set of instructions.  Again, these should be followed properly; this will ensure the garage door installation goes smoothly and that your warranty is valid.  If it is obvious that you have not followed all the instructions your warranty will be automatically voided.

Torsion Springs

There are two different types of torsion spring mechanisms.  The standard ones are under load and you should not attempt to remove these; they can seriously injure you.  The alternate is a torsions spring system.  This is adjustable and much easier for the DIY person to install.

Panel Door

It is common for garage doors to be made in sections.  These types of doors lift up and over and move on a roller fitted to each side of the opening.  To install these you need to put the bottom section in place and hold it in place by hammering nails into the frame at an angle; they will prevent the door from moving.

You can then make up the tracks and hold them in place while you join each of the sections in place.  They are joined with hinges.  You will then be able to fasten the tracks to the wall.  Make sure they are straight as this will ensure the door moves smoothly.


After the tracks have been added to the wall you can add the curve which leads to the ceiling and the ceiling track.  The final stage would be to test the alignment and operation of your garage door installation to ensure everything is straight.

The key to a successful garage door installation is to maintain your patience; this will ensure each stage is completed properly.