Expert Advice On Aerial Photography!

Jessica Sarkisian is one woman who has combined her passions of aviation and photography. She is a talented pilot cum aerial photographer. Like all people, she says that her initial efforts for aerial photographer were not perfect but with the passage of time and after learning some techniques, she managed to master the art and today captures some really amazing shots from the sky.

Expert Advice On Aerial Photography!

Jessica Sarkisian says that she loves to fly in airplanes where the windows can be removed. She says that aerial photographs do not come out good when you are shooting them through a window. Windows tend to cast reflections and the quality of the photograph is marred. At the same time, in case, you are not comfortable capturing photographs in an airplane with open windows, you can shoot through it. Most of your pictures may be flawed. However, you can improve their resolution after you clean the surface of the windows nicely and wear dark colored clothes to avoid reflections in the mirror. However, if you really wish to take amazing photographs it is advised that you opt for an airplane without windows. This will give you the scope to shoot naturally and without any kind of obstacles at all.

When you are venturing into aerial photography, it is important for you to do a lot of research on the location before the flight. Jessica recommends that early mornings and late afternoons give you the best quality photographs. The long shadows during these times of the day are able to give you dramatic shots. At the same time, if you are looking for some really stunning shots, check the time the locations look their very best to get the desired effects.

Jessica admits that aerial photography is fun however, you should be aware of some important facts when it comes to safety. The camera you are using must be securely strapped to your body.  You should never carry anything that will be pulled off by the wind, they include hats and lens hoods. It is important for you to keep your camera and its attachments out of the wind stream. This will prevent them from flying away. As for clothes, you should always wear tight fitting and warm clothing. It is chilly when you are up in the air.

As for cameras, Jessica Sarkisian says that a DSLR is ideal. This camera will help you take photographs in quick succession. She says that you should have a blank memory card- you will be taking many photographs. Changing memory cards on the flight should be avoided when you are taking photographs. As for batteries, Jessica says that you should always place a fully charged battery before the take-off.  The camera settings of the device should be set correctly. Jessica advises that you should be familiar with your camera so that you do not face any kind of issues when you are up in the air. Always remember that the camera settings for aerial photography are very different from the one that you would generally use!

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