eStar Helping Logistics Go Green

There is a large emphasis on green business practices. With the environment’s current condition, many larger companies are looking for ways to continue business while preserving our planet’s health. For this reason, many other companies are helping out. Navistar is one of those companies by offering the first purpose built electric commercial truck. Here is a quick look at the eStar commercial vehicle for greener logistics.
Purpose for eStar:
With President Obama concentrating on fuel consumption and emissions, many bills have been passed for large fleets to look at their current fleet practices and find ways of decreasing their impact on the environment. Out of the 11.5 million barrels of oil consumed by on-road vehicles per day, commercial vehicles consume more than half. Therefore, eStar is targeting industries such as general freight, utility companies and local and state government vehicles.
eStar is also offering companies to operate at a higher level while decreasing fuel consumption. With electric as the only fuel required, the vehicle is completely green. For localized delivery services, utility companies and local governments, this is ideal as the eStar can travel 100 miles on a single charge.
The Design:
The eStar is a commercial vehicle with safety in mind. With a narrow body and 36 foot turning diameter, the driver can easily navigate tight spaces. The large windshield offers nearly a 180 degree view from inside the cab. The eStar offers a 5,000 pound payload with a 25.6″ load step height to easily transport, load, and unload a variety of products.
The interior is also built for comfort and workflow. With the iButton entry and start, it not only allows entry into the vehicle, but will also prevent the vehicle from being started unless the driver is sitting in the driver seat.
The gear shift has also been moved and sits on the door rather than conventional vehicles that have the shift knob on the steering column or in the middle of the cab. The reason for this is to offer unobstructed access to the payload from within the cab. The roof allows clearance for the driver to stand and enter the rear of the vehicle through the cab. This allows for safer deliveries, eliminates the need to leave the vehicle to access the payload, and increases workflow.
The eStar electric vehicle is the first of its kind. With electric vehicle technology making progress, it is expected to see more vehicles of this type capable of making longer over the road trips between charges. With only 100 miles before the charge runs out, over the road trucking will still need to wait for a longer distance capable vehicle.
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