Essential Oils For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a medical condition that may not be life threatening but is still a condition that can make your life quite uncomfortable and problematic. Not to mention the embarrassment that comes with their uncanny ability to always pick the most critical spots on the body. It is usually characterized by scaly patched that appear on the skin. You can say it’s a skin condition but the fact that it almost always appears at the knees, elbows and other joints may leave you looking patched all over like a cheetah. So what causes this problem- and more importantly, is there a way that it can be treated effectively?


Most scientists are in agreement that psoriasis is usually a reflection of what is really going on under your skin. It is your body’s way of letting you know that something below the skin is not as it should ideally be. The condition usually occurs when the victim’s immune system starts to work more than it should. So simply put, it is basically a skin condition that is caused by the malfunctioning of the body’s immune system. Naturally, it follows that the best way to deal with the problem is by dealing with the underlying issues that are causing it in the first place. You can either choose to do that through the use of commercial medical products or you can decide to go all natural.

Natural Treatment using essential Oils

Understand the mechanisms by which essential oils for psoriasis deal with the problem starts by understanding the effect of the essential oils on the immune system. Again you have probably had it mentioned somewhere that vegetables and plants in general are good for regulating the immune systems in human beings. At this the essential oils (which by the way are derived from plants) are the best and the wonders they can work in your system is the stuff of legend. Using essential oils for psoriasis means hitting the problem where it matters the most and basically treating it from the source.

It is worth mentioning here that not all essential oils are equally effective in the treatment of psoriasis. Some essential oils are simply more effective than others and you have to know the ones that work best. A few of the most effective essential oils in the treatment of psoriasis include coconut oil, Tea Tree essential oils and Lavender essential oils.

The manner in which the essential oils are administered is also critical in determining how effective the treatment procedure will be. Since most people do not care much for the taste of essential oils, they might prefer to use them through aromatherapy where they just sniff the oils rather than by ingesting them directly into their bodies.