Diy Paper Light Bulbs With Originality

Many original ideas to create DIY paper lamps to illuminate the home with style and personality: paper of newspapers and magazines, rice paper, origami and many other decorations for creative DIY lamps you can create at will by releasing creativity and dexterity , perhaps using simple materials that you already own.

diy paper lamps, many colorful ideas and imagination

Today, as never before, transforming objects used in useful things using recycled materials is one of the hottest trends that fascinates many people. We then discover how to give vent to creativity and make DIY lamps original paper, bringing into play imagination and manual skills.

Not all creations DIY, however, require great skills as you can easily think: sometimes creative scanning objects it is easy and fun. Create paper lamps, for example, it can really be a breeze if you follow the instructions and put us a bit of good will and passion.

Ready to light up the house with DIY paper lamps? Find out how and get inspired by the most beautiful pictures of chandeliers paper we have selected for you in the gallery.

Pendant lamps with paper decorations

DIY paper lamp flowers

One of the most romantic ideas – and apparently more complicated – is to realize a lamp with paper flower bouquet. Start by drawing the outline of the flower you want to accomplish on a sheet of paper bearing a right angle and sketching only the outline of three or four petals; floral pattern should resemble a kind of cloud. Cut out with a cutter along the contours of the drawing and proceed with the creation of the stem and the flower pistil by wrapping a strip of paper with a piece of wire. Roll up, then, the base of the flower wrapping cone and close it with a piece of masking tape. Place the pistil making sure to leave a little ‘space for LED lights that will illuminate the whole. Do the same and created a dozen identical flowers that they are going to fix together creating a nice bunch. Put a row of LED lights inside the flowers and folded down slightly the ends of the petals so as to create volume. Your DIY lamp with paper flowers is ready to decorate the living room or the bedroom.

ball lamp dual suspension with paper flowers

DIY lamp with paper cups

Create a lamp with muffin paper cups for it is simple and is an original chandelier to hang in the kitchen. Start by obtaining transportation of cups of equal size shape and white or colored as desired, depending on the effect you want to give your lighting. Get a round base, possibly with a lightweight structure in wire and paper or fabric, you are going to play with your cups. Take containers in paper and apply the hot glue on the outer base. Carefully positioned the cups side by side following a regular row, then making sure not to leave empty spaces.

diy chandelier sphere realized with paper cups

DIY paper lamps scales

The scales of DIY paper chandelier is a great idea easy to accomplish. Take a lamp paper or cloth and cover with small pieces of colored paper. To realize the scales can take the colored paper colored or patterned, obtain a reference to stencil then repeat on all sheets to create identical scales. After drawing all the decorative scales, cut them out and proceed with the glue; Put a little ‘glue only on the starboard side of the pieces of paper and start to place them on the basis of overlapping them slightly without leaving any space up to cover the entire surface.

Swinging lamp with colorful paper scales

DIY lamp with paper origami

If you are clever and ambitious you can create a paper chandelier with truly original origami and Oriental twist. The great thing about this lamp is that you can create many special lamps with different subjects depending on the origami patterns chosen. For example, you can achieve the lotus flowers, butterflies, frogs, stars and hearts according to your taste and your manual skills. Obtaining transportation started a lamp with metal structure to be covered. Once you create your paper decorations, proceed to the implementation phase of the origami lamp DIY using hot glue. Cover the entire ball with precision and order evaluating whether to leave some empty space from which to shine the light or if filling the entire surface according to the desired final.