Detroit Interior Designers

Thumbtack is a price comparison website for a variety of services. Interior designers unsurprisingly feature here in this competitive environment; listing order is based upon viewer rating and feedback is provided based upon the quality of their services. I took the time to review there work for myself, comparing styles and trying to find designs similar to that of the wonders I have seen from other Detroit based designers.


Detroit is hardly the first port of call when one thinks of interior design spectacles of the 21st Century. I was surprised to see the diversity of Interior Design Styles In Detroit MI that seem to work in harmony within a humble city based abode. I have seen several small apartments transformed, utilizing the designer’s special awareness and cross-cultural designs to breath new life into the space available. Rustic aesthetic properties entwined with post modern elements makes for a minimalistic masterpiece. An array of skins, shapely plastic and glass are all a part of an experienced designers pallet.

Detroit Interior Designers

Liv Modern

a designing agency that is no exception to this, they have furnished office buildings; providing companies with James Bond-esk meeting rooms traipsed in leather, polished wooden and metallic surfaces and sculpted décor. The same clean look can be found in home design, dark modern art contrasts the often lighter shades of the walls and skin rugs protect the polished wooden floors.

Season Treatment Interior Design

They provide more contemporary installations, claiming the ability to meet any client’s desires. I decided to peruse his portfolio; having looked through a verity of his work I must say they perhaps heed their clienteles suggestions too clearly. Exhibit A; the pink room. Never before have I felt noxious from seeing a room, the feeling is slightly overwhelming when seeing the pink cushions led on a pink sofa, upon a pink carpet with pink curtains draping in front of pink walls. Just typing ‘pink’ so many times makes my head spin. This, along with only a few others, greatly stands out from the rest of his designs that normally features ornaments as centerpieces for rooms, deriving ones attention towards them as a focal point of his work.

Charlene and Company

With an array of professional photography proudly displaying her work, her keen eye for detail is aptly captured and duly noted by her clients on her review section. The lighting used accentuates her rustic style, using darker woods and stone, reflective worktops to capture or reflect it to give it a polished, clean and professional feel.

Hidden Wonders

Detroit is full of aspiring designers, creating little known masterpieces that the clients can boast about and revel in their homes unique style. With such an array of styles from the large number of gifted artists, beauty lies within the eye of the beholder. Personal preference and research will inevitably yield the desired style, Detroit has never failed to surprise me in the past with interior design, these designers are clearly just a select few of the obscured geniuses living among us.