Determining the Most Appropriate Keyword Density

Keyword density is an important metric in SEO campaign and it is important to know about optimum keyword usage. In this case, we should be able to measure keyword frequency or how many time specific keywords are repeated in a webpage. Keyword density is a percentage of keywords that appear on the page. It can be expressed as specific percentage of the wordcount of the entire content. As an example, if our page has 500 words of content, keyword density of 5 percent means that specific keyword is repeated 25 times inside the content. Understanding the basic concept of keyword density should be quite easy and this could determine whether our content is properly optimized or not. We should know that keyword density in our webpage can increase if we have a comment section. People often include our primary keywords as they make comments. However, search engines should be smart enough to identify keyword density only from our primary content.

Other in primary content, keywords could also be placed in the alt text, keyword tags and title. In this case, we should make sure that we always have enough  keywords and not overdo it. If we include all the keywords in tags, title, content and comment section, it is possible that the keyword density will reach 20 percent or more. So, we should know about our actual keyword density before starting the SEO campaign. There are different standards relared to keyword density. Because search engines don’t diclose the actual algorithm standards, we won’t know the most appropriate range of keyword density. However, we should listen to different SEO professionals about the most appropriate keyword density for our content. Some people say that keyword density higher than 2 percent can be considered as spam. However, others may say that it’s safe as long as we stay under 5 percent.

In a content, there could be multiple primary and secondary keywords. This should give us enough flexibility to create the content. We don’t need to focus only a single keyword. With three primary keywords and five secondary keywords, we should be able to easily to create a 500-word content. With 2 percent keyword density for each keyword, we should be able to create enough sentences. It takes enough creativity to create good content from these keywords. So, we should practice often, so we are able to satisfy the audience with content that is very interesting for them.

If all keywords are relevant to our content, it should be quite easy for us to create the best possible information for the audience. If possible, we should get the latest update about search engine trends. We could pick up reports or rumors about the best possible keyword density. We should know that there are many factors at play, related to search engine ranking. Search engine ranking can be quite complicated, so it is important that we don’t try to make it too hard for us to gain rank by trying to fool the system. As long as we follow the most acceptable keyword density, it should be quite easy for us to gain the desire results.