Decor Tips For Setting Up A New Office To Boost Productivity

Trying to work in a crammed office full of eight to ten people making noise all the time, trying to concentrate and be productive at the same time – is a devilishly difficult task. Especially since you are trying to make a living out of that work.

If the only interesting place in your office is the fire extinguisher (without the safety pin on), then you are in big trouble. And ready for an office makeover which would boost productivity.

Decor Tips For Setting Up A New Office To Boost Productivity

Boost the Energy

Feng shui advises us to unclutter if we want the energy in our home (and the office) to run smoothly. This particular decluttering, makeover task will demand professional assistance. Namely, if you want to transform the slow energy from your office, you will have to do it from the ground to bottom. This means hiring a contractor to do a smooth transition for you. So, once the professional office removalists from Sydney services have finished moving all your office possessions, all the bad energy from your office will be out and you will be able to continue with the process.

Decor Tips For Setting Up A New Office To Boost Productivity

Colour Me Beautiful

In the majority of cases, the design of your office reflects the way you work, so if your office is (or was) gray and depressing, this means that your business is just like that. One more reason to change it.  So, moving desks around will not help. You need to learn the language of colour if you want to improve productivity and help your employees and colleagues reach their highest potential during the working hours. Being surrounded with green gives people the opportunity to reconnect with nature and feel better about themselves, whereas orange details enhances productivity in the office and motivates people since it is a soothing and warming colour.

Decor Tips For Setting Up A New Office To Boost Productivity

Introduce the Playroom

Your workers need a place to rest – where they will not feel the pressure of having to do that task for at least fifteen minutes. In fact, making more frequent breaks during the office hours can boost productivity, a research has shown.

Thus, it is important for people to have a cheerful place filled with bean bags, video games, and even animals they can pet, so that they can relax for a while during casual chit chat, or take a cup of coffee in a normal setting, and go back to work full of joy and help you do your business better.

Big businesses introduced playrooms years back and as it turned out, this room helped them become great. If your office is near the top of the building, try to claim the roof and turn it into an oasis – your employees will love it.

And finally, the above mentioned tips are only the beginning. If you want your people to start wanting to come to work, you need to give them all the comfort they would feel at home – after all, the majority of people spends almost half (or even more time during) the day in the office. This is an excellent reason to provide them with good surroundings.