DNA Microarrays: Understanding DNA And Gene Chips

Microarray manufacturing is a complicated process but this technology can be understood easily through some visual descriptions. Microarray is prepared with by adding DNA spots to a slide made out of silica or glass which is the size of a postage stamp. This allows the DNA to become a part of a solid base forming what is also called a gene chip. Thousands of tiny dots are added to the chip in a grid-like arrangement. This gives it the name DNA microarray.

Small DNA sequences from specific genes are used in these grids. On the other hand, a small-molecule microarray consists of small molecule dots as opposed to the dots of DNA sequences used in DNA microarrays. Both these types of microarrays have the same function of identification. The difference in their constituents allows them to detect multiple components applied to them at the same time.

DNA Microarrays Understanding DNA And Gene Chips

A DNA microarray is used to detect the identity of unknown DNA or RNA samples. When added to the DNA microarray, the numerous unknown RNA or DNA in a sample hybridize by attaching themselves to the strands of complementary known sequences already present on the chip. Similarly, the small-molecule microarray functions at a molecular level providing the same function as a DNA microarray to samples such as unknown proteins. When a protein sample is applied to this microchip, the known molecules on the microarray that bind to the protein reveal the identity of the known sample.

The making of a microarray has many methods. Among these are the microarrayers that are used by scientists to produce their own, personalized gene or small-molecule chips. These basically utilize glass slides. Microarrayers that are custom built allow scientists to add tiny amounts of solution containing DNA or small molecules such as known protein samples to the slide that are then bound to it.

Manufactured microarrays are also commonly in use by scientists to aid their research in gene profiling and other implications of microarrays. A number of companies are now manufacturing and selling DNA microarrays by the utilization of various technologies. These microarrays are found encased in cartridges specified for this purpose. Among these manufactured gene chips is a type that is a modified version of microarray of a known DNA sequence manufactured borrowing the very same technology used to produce computer chips. There is a significant amount of similarity that can be drawn between computer chips and DNA microarrays especially as they can be manufactured using the same technology.

here are some very easy ways to understand how DNA microarrays or gene chips are made. Cost effective and large-scale, qualitative production of DNA microarrays is extremely important to the many different types of research that it is supplementing today. This technology is growing faster than ever as the genetic research that it aids can be applied across many categories in the world of biological sciences. From directly benefiting humans in disease related studies such as cancer research to indirect benefits by investigations in pest control, DNA microarray experimentation is being used everywhere.

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