Corporate Tree Removal Made Easy

For those that don’t run business complexes, it may sound a little strange for a company to be concerned about corporate tree removal. Just the same, if you have a corporate campus or your headquarters has executives’ homes in the area, it might be a strong to have a vendor on your list from a maintenance standpoint.

In fact, having a corporate tree removal firm on became a point of contention after a winter storm tree fall wiped out a Nintendo executive’s next door neighbor. Their yard and home ended up with some major damage, although they were all right.

The upshot for people that are in HR or maintenance is that perhaps it would be less expensive for everyone if they were to arrange for liability lessening for executives that live in the area.

Here are some other tips that can help you ensure that your corporate tree removal service selection does exactly what you need it to:

Learn about the concept of topping:

Tree topping is the number one preventative maintenance activity for campuses and buildings that have tall trees near them. If you saw pictures of Puerto Rico after the most recent hurricane, you might have noticed that many of the tall palm trees did not get knocked down. Part of that is because depending upon the type of palm tree that you have, they may be cleaned and pruned every couple of years so that the extra foliage doesn’t fall or act as a counterweight that pulls the tree down in a storm.

Yet cleaning is still different from topping. Douglas fir and other trees that grow substantially require topping, a practice where the removal people come in and cut maybe 10 to 50 feet off the top of a tree so that it does not pose a falling threat during a storm.

Inventory your trees:

On a large corporate campus, you will probably have several different types of tree that can pose different challenges during a storm. If you are managing the trees, it is a good idea to classify them by risk so that you can know how to maintain them in advance of a storm hitting you.

Eucalyptus trees are beautiful shade trees that are famous for dropping hardwood limbs on cars and people after storms. If you have a lot of them on your campus, keeping them away from your parking lot is recommended. For other recommendations, working with your local community college is a start. They will normally have the behaviors of most of the trees that you have onsite listed.

Partner with someone:

When a large storm comes through, having true emergency tree removal services that you can rely upon can save your firm money and time. If you have more than one corporate location, working with a national tree removal company can allow you to access one website and make an appointment with a number of their franchisees so that you can get rapid service.

When you partner with them in advance, you normally end up being able to rely upon them to prioritize your service because you have taken the time to sign up with them in advance. You can also typically get them to replace the trees if that is what you wanted.

Corporate tree removal service makes sense when there is a threat to your company area or when a large storm has destroyed some of the foliage that you had onsite for your enjoyment. Knowing how to manage, maintain and replace trees can help make you an invaluable part of the corporate maintenance team.