Outdoor Parties: Top Ideas To Design Your Backyard Impressively!

If the weather is good and friendly, you want to spend your time outdoors. Of course, you may spend your time in the living room, talking and watching TV. Nevertheless, you can take your friends and drinks outside the house and have a party in the patio. The situation is better when you have a swimming pool. Thus, you have to think of decoration your inner yard. There are many worthy variants how to make your territory at the swimming pool attractive for making parties. It is time to learn a couple of interesting design ideas to make your yard comfortable to cook, dance, play games, have dinner: fire pit, outdoor kitchen, green terrace, lights and garden furniture.

Icey Red Cocktails

Outdoor Kitchen

When you are sitting and talking with your friends, your company is hungry soon. Of course, there is no any desire to come back home and cook. How about the idea to add a lovely kitchen place to your patio? This is a good chance to cook some tasty things and never miss a thing. You can easily buy is from the specialized shop or design it individually. It must be equipped with the sink, stove, natural stones and tiles.

Pool Bar

If your friends do not want to go out of the pool to drink something, you may solve this problem easily. You can take your bar outdoors. You can make a bar counter, a couple of bar stools and lots of tasty ingredients to make exotic cocktails. What a good idea to spend a hot day with your friends in the pool with the glass of sweet wine.

Green Terrace

The weather is hot. You definitely need to have some shadow in the yard. The tent, pavilion or small garden is Must Have item on your terrace. This is a good place to make some space for seats, cocktail table, cozy sofa and carpets to sit on.


Never forget that your evening party means nothing without light. The terrace and territory around your swimming pool must be moony and light. So, you should invest some money to place the lights in your patio to make your party go longer. You may also buy more colorful lights to dance.

Furniture and Glassware

Of course, you should but the set of glasses and plates and other tools to eat. This must be something interesting and meaningful for your family or your guests, something that you can always speak about and remember. Also, your outdoor furniture must be cozy and light to put it here and there, depending on the party you have. You may have a couple of additional chairs and pillows near at hand to propose if every new guest.

Fire Pit

Fire pit is important and original element of your patio. You can use open fire to light the territory and cook. The atmosphere is going to be relaxing and romantic. The fire is circled with the natural stones, bricks. If you don’t like grilled food, you may use the fire pit as the decorative element.

Patio with Fireplace in Ironwood Estate Remodel in Paradise Valley Arizona



If you want to find more interesting ideas for designing, you should go to Brussels – city of design. You can easily find it by renting the car in Brussels to go to the most beautiful building in the city. This is ADAM – Design and Arts Museum that is devoted to the popular arts of the 20th century. This is the center of design in Belgium, a place where all world popular designers are usually met.

ADAM takes the area of the Trade Mart Brussels. The building facade is decorated with the huge windows and beautiful flowers. The inner territory is specially projected by Lhoas & Lhoas design bureau. The pearl of the museum is Plasticarium. This is the exhibition of more than 2 000 of interior objects made of plastic: bright chairs, arm chairs, kitchen furniture from Olivetti, Kartell, Vitra, and popular designers.



Atrium takes the bigger part of the building. The rest of exhibits are situated along the walls, in the galleries, narrow passages. There are two shops, offices, workshops, lounge zone, Swarovski training center, design studios, restaurant and cafes. What is more? Of course, there is also a big museum. There are many expositions here and there at the floors like Design of the Year or Designer-Creator-User. The Museum of design in London is a unique space where you can watch, explore, find a lot of interesting ideas and try to make something with your own hands. That’s great!


Barcelona Design Museum combines the Museum of Arts, Museum of Ceramics, Museum of Textile and Clothes all together. The collection has more than 70 000 of exhibits. They are combined with the common theme: design and arts. The museum represents the objects of design in their everyday living, learning forms, construction, aesthetic attractions. The museum building was created by MBM architects to consist of two main parts: high-level part that is 14 meters and underground part. The museum is situates close the Placa Glories.

The museum building is used for taking exhibitions and different events. The most of the exhibition areas are placed underground: main exhibition gallery, bar, restaurant, and shops. The project pays much attention to keeping high ecological standards and quality. The place is interesting to visit to be inspired. This is not a workshop but the museum to glean the wisdom of old and modern designers.

Droog Series

Thus, if you have enough space in the yard to make a special place for your guests or family, you can make it interesting, stylish and creative. Of course, if you don’t want to spend time at the pool, cook outdoors and make parties at night, you don’t need to do something special, visit Design Museums and spend your time for nothing. If you like the idea to decorate your patio, start from the visiting museums, design studios or workshops. Let your patio be multifunctional, elegant and impressive.