Comparison of iPhone 5 with 4S

Many people around the globe claim that iPhone 5 looks just like the previous versions of iPhones especially its last iPhone i.e. iPhone 4S. More and more people are trying to convince people that there is no difference between iPhone 5 and 4S. If you are among those people that are confused with these claims and propaganda, than read on, as we will compare both the models of iPhone to find out if they are really similar or not?
If you do a little research online regarding the features of iPhone 5, you would come to know that Apple has introduced quite a few revolutionizing enhancements in iPhone 5 which makes it a more desirable and classy smart phone when compared to any of iPhone`s previous versions. We will try to make this comparison as simple as possible so that even a non-technical person is able to understand the actual difference between the 2 iPhones.

  • First off, iPhone 5 is much lighter and slimmer than iPhone 4S. If you have used iPhone 4S, you would know the weak signal issue that it had, in iPhone 5 Apple has addressed  that issue by changing the dimensions a little and it is reported that in iPhone 5 users are not experiencing that issue anymore.
  • iPhone 4 used 3G network, while iPhone 5 is using 4G network for connectivity and hence the video chatting and other functions are more smooth and lightweight with iPhone 5.
  • Photo and Video viewing in iPhone 5 is also incredibly enhanced when compared to that of iPhone 4S.
  • iPhone 5 is much more durable and secure than iPhone 4S, with a  shatter proof and scratch free screen. Apple has also introduced the feature of Drop-Resistance in the screen of iPhone 5 which was not seen in previous versions of iPhone.
  • Here comes the real meat – iPhone 5 comes with a built in application for GPS. Previously users of iPhone 4S and others had to install a 3rd party GPS application for tracking the phone. But now they have it all setup for them in iPhone 5.
  • Battery life of iPhone 5 is much more than that of iPhone 4S as well.
  • iPhone 5 comes with a dual core processor and its processing speed is lightning fast. If you thought that iPhone 4S was the fastest you could get, than you have to try iPhone 5 out right now, trust me, you will be amazed!
  • Built in Facial recognition system has also been introduced in the iPhone 5 to enhance the security of your iPhone. This will ensure that people that your iPhone don’t recognize cannot get access your apps, files and other personal data.

Now, after reading all these enhanced features in iPhone 5, can we say that iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are of same league? iPhone 5 has taken the world of smart phones to a whole new level and we surely can expect even better things from Apple in coming years.
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