Make Money From Your Home Computer

When it comes to the 9-to-5 grind, it’s easy to see why so many people are ready to quit their day jobs and start working online. Getting up every morning just to spend hours and hours in stand-still traffic, spending 9 hours a day with a boss that’s constantly getting on your case because he’s in a bad mood, clocking out and spending 2 more hours in traffic just to get home so you finally get some sleep so you can do it all over again…for many, that simply isn’t worth the pay cheque they get at the end of the month. So instead I’m happy to supply you with some easy methods that have been researched by the money experts at that should help you make a legitimate income from your home computer:
Make Money From Your Home ComputerBecome a freelancer
If you have a skill that can be performed on the computer, there’s a good chance someone is willing to pay you for it regardless of where you work. Graphic designers, video creators, writers, editors, photographers, etc. can find places online to sell their services and make a living online.
Popular freelance sites for these types of services include oDesk, eLance, Guru, vWorker, and (depending on your country) Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. If you are a bit more creative or have a special talent you can also try out the microjob site where people pay for just about everything for 5 bucks. The more creative and interesting you can make yourself here, the more successful you’ll become.
Become A Master of Arbitrage
People like to refer to it as “flipping” nowadays, especially in the real estate market, but arbitrage is nothing more than buying something and selling it off quickly for a higher price. This can be done with items around your house, items you find at yard-sales and garage-sales, or even things you pick up at auctions or recycle centers.
The most popular place to sell items is on eBay, but be careful about trying to buy from eBay and then sell it back on eBay. You likely aren’t going to make any money that way. Buying things cheap in your local neighbourhood and then listing it online will be your best bet. You can also sell your items on sites like Craigslist and other classified sites and usually get them turned around for a profit even quicker than an eBay listing.
Become An Affiliate
There are tons of products and services available today that actively seek affiliates to make sales for them. Whether it’s for an eBook or a set of steak knives, companies will pay you to get the word out to anyone you can (whether it’s through social media channels like your Facebook account, or by starting a blog) and for every sale made through a special “affiliate link” you will be given a commission.
Avon, Tupperware, and similar businesses run their entire companies with this model “offline”  but you can earn with just about any product imaginable by looking for affiliate opportunities online.