Company On Lockdown: 6 Keys To Protecting Your Business From Theft

It’s important to protect profits, and one way to do this is to put your office on lockdown to prevent theft. There are plenty of sources of theft, so thinking carefully about how to protect your office will be important. Here are six ways to start your comprehensive office protection plan.

Hire Strong IT Staff

Hacking is the newest avenue for thieves to empty your bank accounts. Make sure that your company files are well protected by hiring good IT staff. These employees can put good security measures in place and periodically update your security package. A strong IT staff can set up firewalls and other security measures to protect your data. You also want to make sure that you password protect your internet connections, and restrict employee access to files according to their job requirements. Having a completely open system is the easiest way to lose big.

Have a Good Security System

A security system can help prevent physical entry onto your property. An alarm system can warn you of entries, fires, and other issues that you can monitor remotely. Home security systems can help you put a comprehensive security system in place for your office. The best security systems have a large network of cameras and security staff as well, but be sure that you also monitor your security workers, as they will have access to the critical systems that could compromise your security.

Company On Lockdown: 6 Keys To Protecting Your Business From Theft

Keep an Eye on Employees

Unfortunately, you shouldn’t trust your employees completely. Internal theft becomes an issue for many companies. Keep an eye on your employees and make sure that no money goes missing in plain sight. A good security system will help you monitor your employees’ activities in the office. Keep electronic records of all your transactions so you can check for any irregularities or inconsistencies. This also helps you build a case against an employee if something unfortunate happens.

Keep a Good Lawyer on Retainer

In case issues arise that require mediation with employees or customers, a good lawyer is a necessary asset for protecting your funds. Putting a lawyer on retainer involves paying the lawyer a regular fee so that he or she agrees to take on all of your legal needs. Having them on retainer comes out a bit cheaper than hiring a lawyer full-time, so this is best for smaller businesses or companies with a lower likelihood of litigation against them. Keeping a lawyer on retainer allows you to have a confidant that you can rely on to handle your litigation issues.

Keep Facilities Up to Date

Modern facilities prevent break-ins and other security issues from becoming a problem. The most secure facilities have modern security systems as well as strong locks and windows. Do frequent maintenance and security updates on your building to ensure that your office is as safe from theft as possible.

Hire a Security Guard

A good security system in the office might include a security guard in addition to a security monitoring system. The guard can act as a psychological barrier to potential thieves. But remember that a security guard is an employee, too, and so you should monitor the security system yourself to make sure that everything is operating correctly.

Putting your company on lockdown can help you spend less energy worrying about theft and more energy on maximizing your profits. These security measures can easily be put in place to make your office more secure. Securing your office takes only a little bit of extra effort, and it provides immense benefits.