Common Causes Of Scratches In A Toilet Bowl

Whether you just bought a brand new toilet for your bathroom or have one that’s a little on the older side, you might notice dark scratches along the sides. Those scratches can actually weaken the bowl and damage its structural integrity. While some people claim that you can fill in the scratches with over the counter products, you really should call a plumber Atlanta GA professional for help. Those scratches may weaken the bowl so much that it breaks when you go to sit down. Before calling though, you can take a look at some of the common causes of those scratches.

Cleaning Products

A common cause of some toilet bowl scratches is the cleaning product that you use to clean that bowl. While those designed for use on ceramic or porcelain materials are generally safe to use, others are too strong for that surface. Those scratches may relate to how you clean the bowl too. If you use a towel or cloth that is too rough, it can leave behind surface scratches. Those scratches attract the waste that you flush down the toilet and can take on a black appearance.

Previous Repairs

Many companies now make plumbing snakes that you can use to remove clogs in your pipes. You might not think twice about buying one and using it yourself instead of calling a plumber. The problem is that those snakes can actually scratch the bowl of your toilet and leave behind darker and larger scratches on other parts of the toilet. Plumbers know how to use snakes effectively without damaging your toilet and how to remove clogs quickly. Taking a DIY approach to those repairs can leave you with some scratches that make your toilet look dirty.

Flushed Items

If you have kids in your home, you know that some have a fascination with the toilet. They love seeing the water disappear when they flush and then come back. Some kids also like trying to flush their toys and other small things around the house down the toilet. Even if you get there before a clog happens, you might still find yourself dealing with some scratches. Harder materials like metals will scratch the bowl, but soft materials like plastics can scratch the bowl too. Trying to flush kitty litter down your toilet can clog the pipe and scratch the toilet too.

Underlying Damage

The main reason to call a plumber about the scratches that you see is because those scratches may relate to some underlying damage. A good example is when the bowl cracks because it does not sit flush on the floor. Each time someone sits down, it causes the toilet to shift. As the bowl moves, cracks can form. Those cracks may look like scratches but go deeper into the bowl. Those cracks can continue growing and eventually move all the way through the bowl, which can let water get out and cause flood damage to your bathroom floor.

Surface scratches on your toilet bowl are small scratches that you hardly notice unless you get down to clean the bowl. Cracks are much larger and can cause some serious damage when left alone. Once you know the causes of those scratches and cracks, you can ask a plumber to come out and assess the problem.