Combining Practicality and Power in the Family SUV

Back in the early years of marketing SUVs, they bore aggressive, daring names like the Trail Blazer to appeal to the off-road adventurers or the militaristic hint of the Armada to those who might fantasize about shooting Mini Coopers off the road. But today’s SUV has evolved into THE ultimate family vehicle, and the Nissan Pathfinder is at the forefront of auto choices for soccer moms and dads who take those camping trips with the kids. The Pathfinder still carries on the tradition of offering a rugged built with power in all the right places, but includes a spacious, luxurious interior to accommodate the family.
Built for the conservative or aggressive family
The 2013 Nissan Pathfinder comes in front-wheel drive for fuel efficiency, or in the 4-wheel more powerful performance option. Connecticut drivers can choose either one of these options, and no choice is “right” or “wrong”. It all comes down to your driving profile, and it may be in your best interest to contact one of your local CT Nissan dealers to help you better gauge which option if the more practical one for your family.  For example, if your new Nissan Pathfinder is going to be used primarily in the summer months for family road trips or for the kid’s soccer games, then selecting the fuel efficient front-wheel drive model makes total sense. However, the roads get icy and treacherous in the winter months, and if this vehicle will be used year-around (or just in the winter months while you use the convertible in the summer time) then the 4-wheel drive option is highly advised.
It’s what’s on the inside that counts
This statement definitely holds truth when considering the comfort factor and family-friendly features of the Nissan Pathfinder. The interior is spacious and luxurious, and the platinum versions offer heated and cooled seats. The second row of seats offers customized versatility, and the far-right seat can be folded forward for access to the back, or for making room for transporting sports equipment while the kids are seated safely and comfortably. Practicality and comfort truly fuse together with the ingenuity behind the Nissan Pathfinder.
Comfort and efficiency
Clearly, the focus from being an off-road beast has deviated into the more practical use as a family car, but the power is still there. In an article published by Car and Driver, the author examines how comfort and efficiency are the vehicle’s focus and goes on to explain that by reducing the car’s weight and by improving the aerodynamics, the drag coefficient is the best in the class for efficient, safe driving.
Test drive the Pathfinder
Once you and your family take the Nissan Pathfinder out on the road for a test drive you will be able to detect first-hand how elegance, comfort, efficiency, power and practicality all merge into one thus offering an amazing choice for the new family vehicle. As far as specs go, you have some interchangeable options. Be sure to sit down with a Nissan expert so you can address your needs, and be presented with the best option to ensure your family has a safe, comfortable and exciting road ahead.