Choosing Textured Exterior Wall Coating – An Ultimate Guide!

So, you wanna protect the outside walls of your house from changing weather? Do you know what people do to protect their houses? Paint? Nahh… So, if it’s not paint then what is it? Well, they use different type of exterior wall coverings to protect their houses.

We’re gonna look at the benefits and drawbacks of various textured exterior wall coating that people generally use with different cases of what is good and what is not about each type.

You might be thinking is it really necessary? Yes of course, with only paint the house will surely look nice from the outside, but if you’ve only used normal paint, then nice appearance is all you’re gonna get! Because the paint isn’t going to give any protection from harsh weathers and you will be surprised after knowing what is going on under those paint layers.

So, if the paint is all rubbish then what do people consider for its alternative to protect their houses from outside? Let’s understand briefly below.

Type of Exterior Wall Coating In Use Presently

#1: Masonry Paint : On plus side, Masonry paint is tried, tested and it’s one of the cheapest to buy. However, it does have its own drawbacks. Paint for outside is difficult comparing to interior DIY paint, and the application of the outside paint is much tough too.

The Masonry paint is designed to last for around two years, although many brands and companies claim that their products will last for 10-15 years, but this is completely rubbish and those paints won’t protect your outer walls, nor give your house any type of damp protection. You just shouldn’t use any exterior paint for paint renderings; instead the required repairs must be done.

So, the bottom line is, think for longer terms otherwise you’re gonna have to see a painter or a decorator the next year, and again a year after and so on and the costs of this drama will keep piling up.

Choosing Textured Exterior Wall Coating - An Ultimate Guide!

#2: Stone Cladding : Stone cladding refers to low weight stone products and these products are often used to reduce the material cost and the cost of construction. However, it typically compromises waterproof barrier. And, it also requires high maintenance and year to year it needs chemical treatment to protect the outer walls of the house from termites.

This kind of cladding became popular in old days and it was installed on the houses that did not suit well and ruined the whole appearance of the buildings.

However, let me tell you one thing straight, stone cladding is not at all a protective external wall coating. It’s just blocks of colored stones that are stucked outside of the house, which results in causing damp.

Exterior Weatherproof Wall Coating

I often get asked one question by people that ‘what is best paint to protect outside of my house’? The answer is none! Yeah that’s right, as we have seen above that Masonry paints only provide short term fix, it offers zero protection. And, you need to protect walls from rain, hail, pollution, snow and the paint is just not the solution.

However, the exterior wall coatings DO do it. They are specifically produced to prevent all kind of damages from the weather, giving your house a great appearance with weatherproof finishing every time.

Now, let’s not forget about the downside of this. The downside is, it is more expensive than the paints and other types of outside coverings and you cannot do it yourself. You will need to hire special texture coating spray teams.

But, the plus side, they are best alternative to traditional painting and more like a permanent paint.


So, there you have it. The type of exterior wall coverings and their pros and cons. So, before you decide anything, remember that outside walls have to face with a lot of weather and the normal paint is just not up to the task. Other coating won’t last longer too. However the textured exterior wall coating can be the perfect choice if it fits in your budget.