How To Qualify For The State Disability Benefits?

State Disability Benefit offering short-term benefits to the one undergoing lost wages is actually mandated by the state and funded by deductions from the payroll of the employee. The State Disability insurance offers short-term benefits to only the eligible employees going through lost wages. This is actually the payment one gets after a disability or health problem. The source of the income generally includes the worker compensation, military and local government, the state government, the unions and companies, etc. But to get the state disability benefits, you need to first qualify for it both medically and non-medically. State disability benefit has the financial and legal, medical and non-medical criteria. If you fulfill them all, only then you become eligible. Below you will find the requirements for the benefits.

How to Qualify For the State Disability Benefits

What are the Medical Criteria for State Disability Benefit?

The chief requirement for eligibility criteria of disability benefit is to suffer a severe medical condition which is debilitating. This is the prime medical portion need of the SDI requirements. If one has to qualify for the disability benefit, one needs to fulfill the criteria set by the Social Security. The manual for impairment or disability is a blue book which lists the names of diseases. One qualifies for the benefits only when suffering from kidney diseases, cancer, heart attack, immune and neurological disorders, some kind of mental or emotional conditions. Some of the conditions like interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, ADHD, etc, are not listed in the manual. However, this does not imply that you are not eligible for the benefits. In the court you need to prove that the disability is the condition similar to what is being listed in the manual. Most of the individuals are able to prove that they are disabled in true sense and get the benefits.

The Non-medical needs for Eligibility

The main eligibility criteria for disability benefit are that the person must not be able to do substantial amount of work. The Social Security sets some monthly dollar amount and if above that you cannot earn, you get the disability benefit. The agency will also consider different non-medical factors such as getting assistance at the workplace or being self-employed. In fact, the non-medical needs for eligibility varies as per the disability program one qualifies. The disability benefits are meant actually for those who worked for some years and made payments to SSTF or Social Security Trust Fund. SSI or Supplemental Security Income is meant for those people who have less assets or income.

The need for getting Insured

For availing state disability benefits, the person is supposed to be insured by the Social Security. The individual needs to have paid enough to qualify for the disability benefits. To be eligible for the SSI benefit, the individual is not supposed to have an income which is more than what is set by the agency.

The main eligibility requirement is that one should have worked enough for those jobs that are covered by Social Security. The medical condition you have must meet up the definition of medical condition set by social security. Monthly benefits are forwarded to those who are unable to work.

In the above write-up, the author explains the eligibility criteria for availing state disability benefits. They may be both medical and non-medical.

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