Childhood Obesity As Research Topic

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When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, children in America are becoming victims of food processing companies. This is an area in research that needs to be studied adequately to establish the actual root cause of the increase in childhood obesity. People are becoming prone to lifestyle diseases at a younger age than at any time in history. Scientifically, obesity has been linked to diabetes and heart problems.

Food processing companies have continued to put unhealthy processed foods in supermarket shelves, exposing our children to risks. Although much of the debate is focused on teaching our children to exercise more, it is also important to make sure that they are exposed to healthy foods. One obesity culprit is soda. Most children grow up knowing that the easiest way to get rid of thirst is to buy a bottle of soda in the nearest store.

Childhood Obesity As Research Topic

Soda is nothing but sugar and harmful preservatives. At a time when we are trying to keep the calories we consume as little as possible, we realize that an average soft drink will contain between 400 and 450 calories. Research shows that Soda is the major source of sugar for children and young adults in America.

A look at the data of how Americans are eating shows that Americans are feasting on unhealthy fast foods on a daily basis. For instance, the average American eats 11 pounds of chocolate, 23 pounds of pizza, 30 pounds of French fries, and 50 pints of ice cream every year. When it comes to adults, they can make their own decisions depending on the lifestyles they choose individually. However, children are too young to make rational and informed decisions on what they consume. They will eat the most popular and tastiest snack.

Food processing companies are banking on this loophole to bring to the market food that they know is unhealthy for children. That is why child hood obesity should be the most interesting topic in science at the moment. One important avenue of approach that has often been ignored is the role played by food processing companies in the issue. If science has informed us that obesity is caused by consuming too much calories that our bodies can burn, the question is why we continue exposing our children to high calorie foods.

Therefore, as science and technology continues to look for ways of making the lives of our children better, we should ask ourselves what we are doing about nurturing a healthy lifestyle in our children. We cannot promote health in our young ones when we continue to expose them to unhealthy foods. Furthermore, food processing companies engage in flashy advertisements as a way of luring our children to consume unhealthy food. This is an interesting topic because it touches on the very core of the American future: American children.

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