Checkout the Several Ways in Which You May Pick Your Dog’s Poop

There are public or community places that are meant for everyone, which is for humans and their pets. The owners of the pets will have to be responsible enough, to not let their pet’s feces left unattended, because it can be quite dangerous. Most of the communities have taken the initiative of installing proper waste stations for the convenience of everyone, people and their furry friends.

There are several ways in which dog’s feces may be disposed, some are mentioned below.

Plastic bags

There are several budget friendly dog bags made of plastic, which can be conveniently used by the owner of the pet for disposing the waste correctly. Some of the bags are creative to the extent that they are considered ‘green’ and are scented too.

Some features of these bags are:-

  • They are an easy way for disposing the poop
  • The bags take years to decompose if they are not eco-friendly

Scoop the poop

Being one of those who cannot get closer to the poop, but love your pet, this is the right source for you to use. All you need to do is squeeze the handles for scooping the poop. Later you may dispose it off at the right place.

Features are:-

  • You need not touch the poop at all
  • You must carry a bag to dispose the waste

Flush it

Enquire before you flush it. A few States do not allow flushing of your dog’s poop. This is because of the safety concerns. Post you get the permission, you may to do so.

If you are permitted to flush then there are certain specialized flushable bags for your convenience. They are easy to use, but are an expensive investment.

Stay indoors

You may stay indoors if your property is big enough to keep one patch for your pet’s poop. The features of such a provision are:-

  • Your pet, after a while will know where to poop
  • You stay easy mentally as the dog will manage on its own
  • The area needs to be sanitized at due intervals, the worms in the poop are harmful to humans
  • You may bury it later, as you know there is one place allotted for this purpose
  • It is a labor intensive technique
  • It is best to not create such a patch closer to where you live to prevent any issues later

Some more ways

The other suggested ways are:-

  • You may wrap it in newspaper tightly and throw in the trash
  • There is a chargeable device that works like vacuum cleaner
  • Dump the poop in a special digester and help light a bulb

If you are still confused about which method to apply, you can call a specialist. When you sign-up with a company that removes dog waste, they will send someone at whatever time you indicate to clean up. However, this is an expensive option and moreover you may have to opt for another method while on outings or walks.

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