Check Out The Popular Tattoo Removal Options and Alternatives

Many of them would like to remove the tattoo, when it becomes old-fashioned. Here are some effective solutions to get rid of permanent tattoos. Laser removal is one of the most recommended methods. The best thing about the laser technique is that it has no or fewer side effects. If you have a black inked tattoo, it will be easily removed with high intensity laser beam. Different lasers are used to remove other colors.

The modern technology has made everything possible. In fact, this has become a whole new business. Many doctors as well as the tattoo removal AZ Scottsdale AZ artists have been successful in removing them. However, you have to choose experienced and knowledgeable professionals for the task. They have to handle the laser machines carefully. Earlier, these methods were not advanced and fully developed. Now, it is simple to remove them.

Check Out The Popular Tattoo Removal Options and Alternatives

Here are some Best Lasers for the Tattoo Removal-

  • Active laser removal
  • Passive removal
  • Q- Switched Nd-YAG
  • Q- Switched ruby removal
  • Alexandrite removal

The passive technique to remove tattoo is cheaper than other alternatives. You could get it done at a nearby beauty salon or tattoo parlor. However, this technique does not remove the tattoo permanently. It will fade the mark to a certain extent. Most of you are not aware of the disadvantage of this technique and hence deceived by salons. It is better to have knowledge about the active or passive lasers.

Many customers are satisfied with the active laser removal technique. It will initially break the pigments into smaller particles which are further removed by the immune system. According to the experts, there is no other better method than active tattoo removal. As it offers 100% results, it is an expensive method. However, it has failed to remove tattoos having bright colors like blue, yellow, green etc.

Q- Switched laser is the first ever technique introduced to remove tattoo. This technique is most effective for those colors that are not easy to remove. The wavelength of this method is measured in nano seconds. You could get rid of blue and black pigments easily. However, it fails to remove green, yellow and red pigments.

Q- Switched alexandrite is another effective technique to remove the tattoo. The best thing about this method is it can not only remove the black and blue pigments but the green pigments too. Other methods often make the green tattoo fade but fail to remove it permanently. As it can remove almost every color pigment, it is an expensive option to choose.

How will Doctors Perform the Procedure?

Now you know about the popular methods to remove tattoo. The next question is whether the procedure is painful. If you have to remove a permanent mark from the body, it will hurt to a certain extent. Laser pulse impacts the area with a high energy. You will feel someone is hitting the skin continuously with a rubber band.

The doctors usually apply anesthetic cream at least 2 hours before beginning the procedure. It has to be wiped off from the affected area before the procedure starts. Some patients ask for local anesthesia injections during the process to reduce pain.

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