Check Out The Importance Of Using Solar Energy For Garden Lighting

The solar garden lighting systems make use of the solar energy to operate. They are considered as most durable and cost efficient solutions available in the market. The battery, module and all the hardware and cables are fitted on the poles.

They have various uses like the parking lots, roadways and many other general lighting solutions. The solar photovoltaic panel is used to power the circuit. As the clean solar energy is used to power the system, they might not need to excavate underground lines. The best thing about the system is that energy could be generated and utilized at the same time without spreading energy through long distance cables. In this way, you could avoid the transmission losses. You could visit to get the facts clear.

Check Out The Importance Of Using Solar Energy For Garden Lighting

Now you do not have to pay the monthly electricity bills. The renewable light source and the environment friendly solutions will reduce energy and money to a great extent. Read on to know the amazing features of these systems.

What you must know about the features of lighting systems?

The lighting fixtures are aesthetically designed as per the outdoor requirement. The waterproof lightings are available in various designs to offer best results. The solar panel mount are adjustable enough and the vertical planes could be rotated as much as 360 degrees. The horizontal planes on the other hand could be rotated to 45 degrees. You can adjust them as per the requirements in order to face maximum lighting.

The low maintenance tubular battery is fitted in the systems. These batteries are specifically designed for the solar applications. You could expect uninterrupted power supply for more than 3 days. The battery is protected using a galvanized metallic battery box. The box also has the locking facility for convenience.

What to check before buying the solar energy systems?

The system guarantees to offer 12 hours of smooth operation. The cheaper systems are also available in the market that operates for 6, 8 or 10 hours of operation depending on their requirement. You could check for these systems online at different websites. However, before purchasing any system, you must compare the quotations of different companies. Check which company will offer best value for the money.

Other factors you must take care of

Not only this, it is important to check the reputation and experience of the company. The companies having sufficient level of experience and have better tendency to offer great services. You could sign contract with the company that provides sufficient customer service to the clients. The executives must be there to assist you 24/7.

Timing is the key in these lighting systems. You have to determine for how long you want the system to operate. If the system is installed in a park that closes in the evening, you have to ensure that lights remain switched on at least two hours after park is closed. In this way, the lighting systems will ensure maximum safety to anyone who comes in the park.