Causes Of Knee Pain In Runners and Athletes

For most athletes, speed and quickness are essential to a winning season. Knee pain always associated with the sport, one of the most feared troubles for athletes and runners. Once pain occurs, it is best to stop exercising and keep at rest for a speedy recovery.

Previously, other studies have shown that the practice of tough exercise causes a short intestinal trauma because, during exercise, the blood that would normally flow to the small intestine is diverted to muscular work. Deprived of blood, some of the cells lining the intestines are damaged.

A joint that suffers most wear when practicing any sport is the knee. Pain in this area usually affects runners and may have different causes, from poor posture to bone problems. Those who have suffered knee injuries know the importance of knowing the anatomy and mechanics of joint function to prevent discomfort that can go further.

When the dreaded knee pain appears we are forced to delay the training and continue our progression. In these cases, it is best to stop exercising or running and take a break to recover and not overload the area. Remember that the best medicine is prevention, so you should consider this advice before you notice discomfort or sharp pain that a manifest.

Generally, knee pain responds to muscle weakness or lack of strength in the surrounding muscles. Next to the ankles, the knee is the joint that bears a greater burden as it is directly responsible for the movement of the leg and time involved to walk, run or jump. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain good muscle tone to resist pressure knee exercise without suffer.

Strengthening the muscles of the legs provide strength and toughness get knees to withstand the impact and enable us to carry out any activity without pain. It is necessary to devote some time to the lower extremities in the training routine and we exercise the legs smooth and progressive, without forcing.

Knee pain can also be related to the surface on which we run or train. The repetitive motion of jogging on poor soil wears knee joints to cause gradual and constant pain. Asking a runner to stop is like trying to stop a wolf howl. However, every good athlete knows listen to your body and recognize when to take a break and take a little break.