Caring For Your Skin In Warmer Weather

You may think that it is more important to care for your skin in the winter when it gets dryer and itchy, and you find yourself fighting wind burn and a frozen nose. However, summer poses more issues, since you’ll be spending more time out in the sun. Not only will you need to protect your skin from cancer, but pool water can be drying, and you could also suffer from skin allergies that creep up when the sun comes out.

Caring For Your Skin In Warmer Weather

You can still opt for natural skin care when it comes to summer care, just shop for the right products. Some things will be more natural than others. However, you don’t want to skimp on the sunscreen.

Sun Protection

Most people want to get out in the sun when the weather gets warmer. Maybe you want to work on planting a garden, or maybe you worship the sun and it’s time for a tan, or maybe you just want to start jogging, running or hiking. No matter the reason, you need to protect your skin from the rays of the sun, which can damage your skin and cause cancer.

The one way to do this is to always wear sunscreen. The higher the SPF, the more protection you’ll be getting. And when swimming, reapply often.

Soothing Skin

Whether your skin is dry and itchy from the chlorine in the swimming pool, or you didn’t reapply your sunscreen enough and you have a burn, there are ways you can soothe your skin and smooth your skin.

Regularly apply lotion if you suffer from dry skin in the summer, just like you would with dry skin in the winter. Since you spend more time in the sun though, pick one that has some SPF in it. If you are itchy you can use a lotion that contains oatmeal, or even soak in an oatmeal bath. For sunburn the best treatment is aloe.

Fighting Allergies

Just like the  sneezing you get from certain plants blooming, there are things outside that can give you itchy skin as well. Hives and contact dermatitis can be annoying, itchy and painful. The best way to fight this, aside from avoiding triggers, is to use an anti-histamine cream. This is great for summer bug bites too.

If you’re itchy in too many places, soak in a nice oatmeal bath, which is very soothing and itch relieving.

Your summer skin can always look great, with a nice smoothness, a tan (if you prefer), and less itchy red spots from bugs or allergies, you just need to do what you can to take care of your skin and keep it happy. That also includes drinking plenty of water, which quenches your skin from the inside out.