Tips To Choose The Right Golf Clubs On A Pitch And Putt Course

Tampa in Florida has golf courses where players love to tee off with perfection. In fact, the golf courses near Tampa, Fl give you plenty of opportunities to improve your pitching and putting skills. When it comes to the pitch-and-putt courses, they are usually smaller than a full-sized and expansive golf course. You have only 80-120 yards between the holes. The players are not required to use the clubs meant for hitting distant shots. If you are a beginner, pitch-and-putts will help you master your short game. However, you need to use the right clubs to play well. This means that club selection plays an important role in making or breaking your game. Usually, golfers use two clubs, but a few golfers may play with three or four different ones. Read on to learn which clubs you should use to play like a pro.

The Pitching Wedge

Wedges are tee-off clubs that are used for pitching and putting. Pitch-and-putt courses are smaller than their par-3 counterparts that feature a few holes requiring a player to use a low wood or iron to reach his target. This means that a golfer will need to carry most of the clubs in his golf bag. However, if you are playing on a pitch-and-putt course, you can play all the holes with a single club. The pitching wedge is the preferred choice of golfers. It does not only help you reach all the holes on the golf course, but also lets you dial it back to play your short game. When it comes to the pitching wedge, you can reach from 90 to 120 yards or more with a full, powerful swing. And, if you need to control distance, work on your backswing and speed. A few golfers carry a lob wedge to hit the golf ball high up. However, you should use it only on a course where the ball can reach the longest green.

The Putter

Do you know which club deserves a pride of place in your golf bag? Of course, it’s the putter. If you are keen on playing a good putting game, look for a putter that you can use comfortably. Stick with the same putter so that you can learn how to control your speed, and succeed in stopping the golf ball close to the hole every time. Make sure that you improve your distance control with the help of the putter and play like a true golfer. When you are good at distance control, even a badly read putt will not move far enough, and you are not required to make a second putt.

The Iron

Some golfers like to play with an 8 or 9-iron instead of the wedge. However, you should never use clubs that are lower than 7-irons. Playing with a club lower than that will make your shots undesirably long for pitch and putts. Although pitch-and-putt golf courses do not let a golfer use anything other than a putter and a wedge, a few players like to carry a low 5-iron with them. You can play short pitch shots with a low iron on the edge of the green. This is the preferred short game for many golfers. Though an 8-iron is the preferred choice, many argue whether to play with a 7, 8 or a 9-iron. No matter which iron you choose, the distance will differ from one golfer to the other. Choose your irons based on the shape, size, material, flex, feel, and of course your ability to play.

You can play like a pro in one of the golf courses near Tampa, Fl provided you use the right clubs for pitching and putting. Choose widely and enjoy the game!