Cardfight Vanguard: Enjoy The Most Ancient Card Game Of Japan

Playing games is a hobby of many people. When an individual is young they used to play games indoor and outdoor. For outdoor games an individual has to be physically fit and they have to run, jump and hop when they are playing outside, but there are many indoor games for which an individual has to be mentally fit. A decade ago people used to play different indoor games like playing cards, monopoly, scrabble and ludo and there were many electronic games like gameboy, Sega and PlayStation.

Cardfight Vanguard: Enjoy The Most Ancient Card Game Of Japan

Playing Cards Game

Playing cards was one of the common indoor games and every individual is aware of card games, but as the time has evolved many card game has also evolved like Pokémon cards and other. Cards games are always in fashion. Many people loved to play card games with their family and friends. Technology has made life easier by introducing cards games on laptop and computer like soldier and hearts.

Japanese Card Games

There are many games that have been made due to the popularity of their shows like Pokémon and one of the most famous games is cardfight vanguard, which is reinvented by the success of their TV serials. Cardfight vanguard is the most famous TV show and has many seasons and the graphics and animation of cardfight vanguard is amazing. The show is also popular for its mesmerizing soundtrack and the unique concept.

  • cardfight vanguard

Japanese has also created their card games that are known as cardfight vanguard. In cardfight vanguard two players can take part and they can represent the astral spirit. Cardfight vanguard is the most popular card games and it is invented by the Japanese media franchise. This franchise has also established the internet version of it where an individual can play the vanguard cardfight online with their friends and family who are far away from them and they can enjoy the game.

  • Process of cardfight vanguard

In this game there are three steps,

  • Calling
  • Attacking
  • Defending

Each player is given with the option of defending, calling and attacking one by one. Each player has their own deck which they called units. Each unit has its own name, power, skill and name. When an individual has no more cards in his deck then that player is a loser. Each unit has its unique clan like royal paladin, tachikaze, genesis, narukami, nubatama and many more.