Bundi – A Small Town With A Wealth Of Cultural Legacy

Looking for a trip to explore the rich cultural and traditional roots of the Rajasthanis? What is the first place that comes to mind? Wait; let me tell you the last place that comes to your mind,Bundi. Yes, this small unexplored town is the place to go to experience the true Rajasthani way of life. This article talks about why you should plan a visit toBundi, Rajasthan.

Bundi - A Small Town With A Wealth Of Cultural Legacy

When we think of Rajasthan, we immediately imagine a rich cultural society depicting the Rajasthani way of life and traditions. We visit places like Jaipur, Udaipur and Jaisalmer to get experience the Rajasthani way of life. Although these places make up for a great experience, there is nothing quite like visiting a city which has not been touched by commercialization and tourism is heavily promoted. We are talking about the small old picturesque town of Bundi, Rajasthan. This town used to be the capital of the Rajputs during their glory days and carries a rich legacy of the Rajasthani way of life.

Bundi in Rajasthan was named after a Meena named Chieftain Bunda. The town is 200 km away from Jaipur, which is also the nearest airport to the town. Known as the ‘Blue City of East Rajasthan’, this town makes for a great historical and heritage trip as it is one of the most unexplored places by tourists and other travellers, giving you an edge over the pack who miss out on getting the insight on the true Rajasthani way of life. You will hardly hear of anyone making a mention of Bundi on their tour of Rajasthan as the town is not promoted like its peers. With a wealth of rich historical legacies, you will find a host of palaces, paintings, arts, craft and lakes on your trip to the city, apart from getting an up and personal experience with the true Rajasthani lifestyle and age-old traditions. Bundi is a gem of a place in Rajasthan you should visit soon before it gets on the radar of the tourists and other travellers and the place gets swarmed with people which will lead to commercialization of the place with hotels and modern tourist catering facilities set up everywhere making it lose it’s old world charm.

One of the main features in the city that can become a prime tourist attraction  in the town is its step wells. In a dry town like Bundi, the only means of getting water back then were to climb down these step wells and collect the water for their daily use. There are over 50 step wells in Bundi, however after the introduction of the pipeline water system, most of these wells are now abandoned as the people did not need them anymore. Today only a handful of the step wells are maintained while the rest are not in a state of even being visited, forget about fetching water from. One of the well-maintained stepwell here is the RanijikiBaori. You can visit it to see how the rest looked during those days.

Another prime tourist attraction can be the Taragarh Fort. Greeting the visitors with its magnificent structure the moment anyone enters the town, this fort is the pride of Bundi, Rajasthan. Built in the 13th century, this fort stands on top of a hill. The fort is surrounded by palaces of various rulers that ruled over the years. There is a huge reservoir within the complex of the Fort filled with clear water. During the monsoons, when the water overflows, side gates are opened to let the water flow out and get it below the danger level.

There are many more features in this town to make it a great tourist destination and maybe it will in the near future! So, visit this place before it gets swarmed with tourists and travellers walking around with cameras and selfie sticks!

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