Best Ways To Showcase Your Kitchenware

It hasn’t been long when a kitchen design was considered incomplete without glass-fronted cabinets, which were a classy way of showcasing your stylish glassware. Later, glazed units were replaced by flat and smart white cupboards whose purpose was to conceal rather than show off. Although, the trend of putting your kitchenware on display is not out of fashion entirely, showcasing your wine collection, recipe books, glassware etc, can give your kitchen a unique appearance. There are many creative ways to showcase different items of your liking in your kitchen.

Plate Racks:

Long gone are the days when only kitchens in a countryside home could have clean-lined plate racks. They are perfect for space management. You can put one of those in your kitchen to organize as well as show off your beautiful Emma Bridgewater or Denby collection.

Best Ways To Showcase Your Kicthenware

Wine Storage:

Storing wine at home is becoming a sort of necessity. Although there are some latest coolers that can keep your wine at a safe temperature, but what good is your wine collection if you cannot show it off? Buy a crafted wine rack for this purpose. Place the rack filled with your latest tipple close to the bar or next to your dining area so that your guests can enjoy a drink or two while you cook the dinner. We have a variety of wine racks that come in different shapes and sizes. You can even go for our bespoke wine storage options that we build into cabinets to create a magnificent surprise.

Best Ways To Showcase Your Kicthenware

Cookbooks Storage:

If you are someone who loves to cook and tryout new recipes, it goes without saying you must have a range of inspirational cookbooks at home. You don’t keep them in your kitchen because they might get stained or even wet, but you need them close to hand while you cook – such a dilemma. How about putting them on islands, so that, they are not far from reach when needed and not too close to your cooking activity. You can also go for a bookcase that complements your cabinetry. We have a wide range of cookbooks storage options including our Shaker, Linear and Original ranges.

Open Shelves:

You can also keep your electric appliances such as juicers, blenders and choppers on open shelves. This way you can keep your worktops from overcrowding and still keep the machines within your access. You practically live in your kitchen more instead of your bedroom, so wouldn’t it be better if you put your family photographs where you spend most of your time? Go for similar frames and put them on a lower shelf instead of hanging them on a wall.

Open shelves are also an excellent way of showing off your favorite collections. Be it teapots, classic glassware or silverware, you can display them on well-positioned shelves. Put some hidden lights near your collection, so they can shine bright at night. We build oak and walnut shelves. If you are looking for different colors, we also offer shelves that are primed for painting – providing a variety of choices for an ideal kitchen design.