Best Types Of Massage Therapy For Runners

Running is a high impact sport that can often leave your muscles feeling exhausted, especially if you enjoy running over long distances. A good massage can help alleviate much of the fatigue you feel and ensure you’re good to go again sooner rather than later.

Of course, to get the most out of your massage therapy in Toronto you need to pick the most effective type of therapy available. All of the following techniques are considered great for runners who want to keep their muscles in the best shape possible.

Trigger Point

A trigger point massage will focus entirely on areas that cause you problems, allowing you to loosen tight tendons and ensure that muscles you are having trouble with get the attention that they need to ensure you can keep going.

They are particularly good if you find that you struggle with calf strains or hamstring injuries, as they use deep pressure to target knots and problem areas that should allow you to feel much more comfortable then next time you are out on the track.

Sports Massage

As the name implies, a sports massage is good for anybody who engages in a sport on a regular basis, as it aims to deal with all of the aches and pains that often come to athletes who dedicate themselves to a sport on a regular basis.

These are ideally done both before and after an event, allowing you to loosen up your muscles in preparation for a big run, before helping you to combat the fatigue you may end up feeling afterwards. They will usually be carried out by a licensed therapist who has been trained to provide a specific massage for your sport, so make sure you select somebody who is experienced when it comes to working with runners.

Deep Tissue Massages

A deep tissue massage is often the massage of choice for runners as it allows the therapist to really get in there and target the various kinks and knots that can develop during the course of your running career.

They are best enjoyed after a run, as this is when you will be really feeling the pressure caused by tight spots and kinks. Your therapist will be able to target these problem areas immediately, massaging the deep layers of muscle and fascia that a lot of runners experience problems with. This type of massage also works the entire muscle group that is associated with your feet and legs.

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