Best PlayStation Vita Games for 2013

The Playstation Vita has broken ground recently by outselling one of its competitors, the Wii. This fact, coupled with the recent price cut for the Vita, may open the device up to a new audience. With this in mind, it’s worth highlighting some of the top games for the PS Vita that just may tempt gamers to try the portable system.
Dead or Alive 5: Set to be released on March 19, this MMA-style fighting game will have fans of the franchise pumped for new action. DOA 5 offers new martial arts fighting styles and techniques, a new graphics design style that brings the details of each character to life and powerful finishing moves that satisfy dedicated fighters. Innovative gestures use all of the Vita’s controls, including the rear control panel, for effective game play. Global 3D stages provide dynamic arenas for virtual battles.
Soul Sacrifice: Set to be released April 30, 2013, Soul Sacrifice is one of the first cooperative role playing games for the Vita. Characters must sacrifice aspects of themselves to level up, effectively answering the question “What would you do for power?” This game really draws on the Vita’s capabilities, including motion sensing.
Tearaway: From the makers of LittleBigPlanet comes this TBA release set in a world made entirely of paper. You’ll work through challenges and steer clear of enemies, but the game really succeeds by offering a sandbox-style interface. Explore the unique world on your own using paper, wind and glue. Tearaway offers the ability to play as either a male or female character, something many gamers may value. The rich graphic element with its massive amounts of intricate detail and the control options also make this game a treat for the Vita. Use the Vita’s camera mode to take pictures or the rear control panel to push through the world’s ground during gameplay.
Killzone Mercenary: The new Killzone Mercenary was developed uniquely for the Vita as part of the Killzone first person shooter franchise. This story picks up where the original Killzone left off and incorporates much of the backstory of earlier releases. Work through nine single-player missions to unlock hidden challenge, try multiplayer mode or alter the game mode for different gameplay challenges. Since you play as a mercenary soldier, every hit delivers more payout, which you can redeem for weapons and swag. Killzone Mercury comes out September 17, 2013.
Dust 514: Neocom: A TBA release that ties into the PS3’s Dust 514 franchise, Dust 514: Neocom offers strategic tie-ins to the Dust 514 gameplay to control territory in the EVE Online universe. You won’t be able to complete missions or take out gamers per se, but Neocom will allow gamers the ability to tinker with weapon loadouts and uniforms, alter the landscape of the 700 planets available in the Dust 514 game and make in-game purchases. Think of this one like on-the-go access to your Dust 514 universe. You’ll be able to handle everything you can do in the game while you’re away from your console.
This upcoming releases all complement the Vita’s controls and technical specs while offering so many different and fun gaming options. Whether you’re new to the Vita or have been a fan for a long time, consider testing out these games.
Joseph is a technology buff with a love for writing. In his spare time, he enjoys blogging on behalf of Sears and other brands he loves.