Are You Suffering From Back Pain? Purchase Your Mattress Wisely

If you have a back pain, it hurts and it can affect your gait also. You are spending one third of your life on the mattress so the selection of a proper mattress should be on top priority. A mattress which can provide the right support is recommended to use.

Mattress for Back Pain

It is about providing the right support to your spinal alignment so that when you rest, your joints don’t go through any burden. A proper mattress will also provide support to your shoulders as well as neck. If you are suffering from body ailments like, lower back pain, neck pain, cervical spondylitis, muscle strain or whiplash injury. Generally, people cannot differentiate between the firmness and support they need to have in a mattress. Approximately 95% of the orthopedic surgeons believe that a mattress can play a significant role in the management of lower back pain. When you are purchasing a mattress for maximum support and back pain opt for a medium firm mattress, find mattress stores san diego to cater your individual mattress requirements.

Are You Suffering From Back Pain? Purchase Your Mattress Wisely

Avoid Firm Mattress

A study published in British Medical Journal states that people who sleep on medium firm mattress are more likely to get improvements in their lower back pains much faster in comparison with those patients who are using a firm mattress. This study was conducted on 313 adults who were suffering from chronic lower back pain and backache also. The subjects were separated into two groups and researchers ask them to sleep on a medium firm mattress, whereas the other group slept on a firm mattress. When the results were compared, they found that patients who slept on a medium firm mattress reduced their back pain significantly, especially when rising from the bed. This clearly indicates that medium firm mattress is better for making the balance and providing the right amount of support to your back.

Finding a mattress which could help you in your back pain is not an expensive affair. You can opt for natural latex or memory foam mattress. In case of back pain you are supposed to stay away from the spring mattress.

Body Type Matters

There are different types of mattresses available to fulfill the requirements of different body types. Purchasing a soft and medium firm mattress is not applicable to everyone. It will not bring the same results for everyone who purchases it. The selection of your matters depends on your body type and the kind of support to your body needs when you are resting.

You may ask a simple question to yourself that why you are suffering from back pain? This is a question you need to answer and you can also seek the professional guidance on the same subject and gather more information on it. Lower back pain also has a root cause which you are supposed to find out and eliminate. You may be sitting in a bad posture; you are sitting for longer durations, you may not be using a proper mattress for sleeping.