3 Ways To Spruce Up The Garage

The garage is usually a place where people (like yourself), besides the car or cars, store all kinds of stuff.  This way garage eventually becomes a place where you have everything but you cannot find anything. Probably everyone knows the feeling that a certain thing is constantly seen, and just when they need that thing, it cannot be found anywhere. If you want your garage to be neat and functional, here are three ways to help you with that.

Organize the Mess

3 Ways To Spruce Up The Garage

Garage is a mess magnet. In order to spruce your garage up, you should firstly deal with it. You will definitely need to throw some things out, and the ones you want to keep, be sure to sort into different categories. Determine where are you going to store these things around the garage and stick to it. Ad hooks on the walls and ceiling to help you with storing. If you get heavy duty hooks you can even hang bicycles and other bigger stuff, during the winter.

Set the magnetic tool holder on the wall on which you will be able to sort metal tools like hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, etc. This way your tools will always be visible and available. Keep similar objects, which you don’t use so often, together in labeled boxes, in order to know where something is when you need it.

Clean the Garage

3 Ways To Spruce Up The Garage
Try to keep as little things as possible on the garage floor, to be able to regularly clean it. In order to keep your garage neat, you should swipe the floors and dust the shelves once a month, but we recommend that, at least once a year, you thoroughly clean the entire garage. Thorough cleaning of the garage involves removing oil and grease stains from the garage floor and racks using strong chemical agents and adequate equipment, so it might be best for you to contact and hire professionals who deal with house cleaning in Sydney, in order to save your time and health. You should have in mind that most of the dust from the garage, when cleaning, ends up in the house; so before cleaning of the garage starts, close all the windows and doors in the house.

Spruce up the Garage Door

3 Ways To Spruce Up The Garage
Since the garage door is exposed to all weather conditions, eventually it will start to look worn. Sometimes it’s enough just a little paint to fall in love with your garage again. Instead of buying new door, which is not cheap, refresh your old one with a new paint job. This project will not cost much, and the result will surely impress you. You need a few tools, paint, some free time and a good will. Process is simple; clean the whole door with a wet sponge and then lightly sand the entire surface with a sandpaper to remove the toughest stains. Once you have a door surface prepared for painting it’s time for a new color. After applying the paint, let it dry well. Your door is now ready to shine in new splendor and to give your garage appearance that it deserves.

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