Architecture – The Natural Art

Architectural Essence

The essence of a place or a culture lies in its diverse yet characteristic attributes. One of the most important element among the many is “Architecture”. Architecture of any kind resembles its cultural essence. There is a sublime introspection of the old architectural remains , so ancient, so unique, so characteristically bold and admirable.There is a brave gesture of the modern skyscrapers, standing tall and unmovable.

Creativity is the Seed to an Extraordinary Architectural Symbol

This is the beauty of art and imagination. Creativity in the beautiful mind have given rise to some extraordinary creation by man coming out in the form of breathtaking architectural marvels, re-defining history and ongoing.

Art and architecture together have been transformed into a well defined business strategy, a platform to recreate and redefine the existing. Naturalists have started to develop environment supportive architectures, appropriately placed among the vivid and serene natural landscapes.Such architectures strongly promise to associate you with the nature and give you an unforgettable living experience.

Innovation is the Key

For instance a private Garden Shelter might sound peculiar to you. Well , to your surprise it is something really simple and unique. A 14’ x 16’ contemplative shelter with a planted roof, sculpted copper and cast concrete details, and stone walkways, sounds savvy, doesn’t it ? What more,the pavilion has built-in wooden furniture and sliding window and screen panels.

Innovative ideas spurring in the great minds have given rise to some exquisite human creations such as The Eiffel Tower, The Great Wall of China, The Taj Mahal, The Statue Of Liberty etc. There is nothing more architecturally narrative than New York city itself ! Beautifully planned gardens, crystal clear water canals, eco-friendly architectures etc., are all incorporating into a greater good- promoting tourism, promoting marketing and promoting cultural exchange.

Architecture-The Natural Art

 Architecture has always been a natural process. Nature’s architecture is extraordinary and unquestionable.The beauty of the overgrown green forests, the quietness of the misty mountains or the neverending horizon of the vast ocean, everything is architecturally planned.

Architecture and Tourism

So let us talk about about how architecture plays a part of generating tourism.

Tourism generates a lot of revenue for the nation every year. It is a great source of cultural exchange. People travel across nation to visit the famous monuments, the holy shrines, the beautiful landscapes. All nothing but architectural marvels, so beautifully constructed such that they become wonders of the world, catching the attention of all.This way it gets proven that extraordinary architecture is appealing and it helps accelerates the complete process of generating revenue through tourism.

Recreational aspects have to be considered always. Our live seeks vacations, small breaks often so as to balance the monotonous routine with something more relaxing and desirable. Here comes the role of architecture. People want to rest in a small cottage in a forest , into sheer silence. The trend is shifting into a sort of retro and modern fusion , something more sustainable.

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