Apple iPad Air 3 And iPhone 6S: Coming Soon

Apple plans to release a new invention as iPad Air 3 according to the rumours circulating over web. The first iPad Air was launched in October of 2013. Now the people are expecting to release a new invention of Apple iPad. The previous model of Apple iPad has got top most places in all over market likewise the customers expect the same review about this future invention.  In this way the Apple iPhone 6S can be launched in the year of 2015. The people expect something interesting from this Apple iPhone 6S because the previous model of Apple iPhone would give more astonishing features to the people. The customers expect the similar features from new Apple iPhone S6.

Apple iPad Air 3 And iPhone 6S: Coming Soon

Design And Processor

The developer can release this new Apple iPad Air 3 along with several surprising features. Both the Apple iPad Air and Apple iPhone S6 will be released in the year of 2015 but the accurate date is not yet announced still now. The Apple iPad Air 3 can have 64 bit core processor and can be designed by using some same features of Air 2. Surely, the developer can develop this new device with additional features when compared to previous one. The Apple iPhone S6 may have the M8 motion core processor along with A7 chipset. The iPad Air 3 device may design with 9.2 display screen monitor and this screen gives the 2048×1536 of display rate along with high quality display. On other hand the Apple iPhone S6 can have 4.7 display screen size and the resolution pixel rate is 1334×750 densities. The Apple Air 3 device can have 264 ppi pixel densities and the Apple iPhone S6 may have 326 ppi pixel densities. Both the devices will give high performance to the customers. The developer can design the Apple iPad Air 3 with extra high lighting features and this can give very fast internet access to the people.

Price Rate, Camera And RAM Storage

There are three varieties of Apple iPhones are presenting such as Gray, silver and gold and their capacities are 128 GB, 64 GB and 16 GB respectively. In addition this memory space can be increased though the MicroSD card. The RAM memory storage of iPhone S6 may have 4 Giga Bytes storage space. Likewise the Apple iPad may have the same RAM memory space as 4 Giga Bytes. The Memory storage space of iPad Air 3 can have 16 Giga Bytes size and sometimes this may vary through the SD card. The price rate of iPhone S6 may release with $199 and the developer can fix the price rate due to the features and improvements. The price amount of iPad Air 3 can release with $499 because of their several astonishing features. The Apple iPad Air 3 can have 3mp to 5mp of front camera range and this will give high quality and clarity of images to the people. On other hand the Apple iPhone can have 8 megapixels of back camera and 1.2 megapixels of front camera.