Advantages Of Using Office 365 For Designers

Office 365 is Microsoft popular cloud based service. It is widely used in different types and sizes of businesses including corporate environment and small businesses. This cloud service also offers many benefits for designers. It stands out because of its high level of efficiency and various features and benefits that help improve your business processes. Cloud Office 365 has been here for just a few years, but it has a strong hold in the market because of many reasons:

  • It is highly reliable
  • There is already a wider market acceptance of Microsoft’s applications
  • It is highly efficient
  • It is highly effective for business processes

Advantages Of Using Office 365 For Designers

It brings along all these features in addition to the efficiency that Microsoft Office package has been known to offer.

How can Office 365 help your designing business grow

The first thin Office 365 can do is help improve the efficiency of your operations. It can help this by allowing your team to work with high level of flexibility. Every member in your designing team can work from anywhere and at any time using a highly secure and reliable platform.

  • You can enable team members to access files from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Everyone can collaborate on projects, even your clients.
  • Take advantage of various communication applications including video conferencing, email, voice mail, instant messaging, and much more.
  • Data recovery under any circumstances (because your data is on the cloud).

Deciding where to purchase the Office 365 service is an important task. You will have two options. Firstly, you could buy directly from Microsoft. Secondly, you could choose a reputed Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like

Where to buy from

As a firm offering designing services, it will be best if you purchase the cloud based service from a reputable Tier 1 Microsoft CSP. But why not buy directly from the company that is Microsoft? A leading CSP is capable of providing you Office 365 service as part of a package that is perfectly suited to meet your specific needs. But you must also decide which CSP to buy the service from.

What is offered by Microsoft CSPs

You should buy the Office 365 Cloud package from a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider like Apps4Rent. They offer a package that is highly efficient and suited for designers.

  • High quality customer support and service for helping your business implement Office 365
  • You can buy the service from Microsoft but it comes with limitations. A certain procedure has to be followed for addressing your issues.
  • Microsoft offers phone support only for certain critical issues on its official list.
  • Apps4Rent offers full range of services and end-user support.
  • The customer support service is available 24 by 7.
  • Support service is offered through phone, live chat and email. You can decide which contact mode to choose.
  • There is no limitation on the kind of issues that need to be resolved.

This Tier 1 Microsoft CSP provides you comprehensive cover and support without any changes in price or product. Besides, the services and assistance can be provided based on your designing business’ specific needs.

In addition to providing Office 365 cloud service, Apps4Rent has a product package option that allows you to store your data at the same place. All your files, documents and design elements can be accessed from the cloud without any worries of losing the data. You can also get high-end technical support as part of this product bundling. They allow you to include Free Project Management Software such as Project Online along with Office 365. This will help in adding coherence to your designing projects.

How would it be if you had you designers working and sharing their projects with clients over a website and communicating directly with them? This will help with collaboration and also minimize costs of communication. Apps4Rent also provides a SharePoint website for FREE. This project management website can is available on another target website, Thus, Microsoft Tier 1 CSPs can give you the complete package that’s ideally suited for helping your designing business to succeed and grow.